Top 8 Tips for Fast Recovery after LASIK Eye Surgery

Imagine the freedom of being able to see the world more clearly without glasses or contact lenses! Thanks to LASIK for giving you that freedom.

These days, LASIK eye surgery is considered a straightforward, pain-free, and minimally invasive procedure. However, with any surgical procedure or even minor surgery, the body needs to recover.

If you have undergone the LASIK procedure, here are some helpful tips for a speedy recovery.

1. Take Rest- Especially Right after Surgery

Sleep is the secret ingredient of any recovery, as it helps the body to heal. It is required that you get plenty of sleep and rest after LASIK. After the procedure, you will be given some time to rest in the clinic.

Before LASIK, numbing eye drops will be given, which probably can cause your vision to little blurry and disorienting. So, avoid driving and make sure someone can drive you back home.

When you get home, make sure to wear the eye shields provided to you and sleep as much as you need.

2. Don’t touch or run your eyes

Rubbing or touching your eyes is a bad idea! Avoid this particularly during the first 7 days following laser eye surgery, so that you don’t cause complications.

Wear goggles, to avoid unconsciously touching them.

3. Avoid the hot tub

Refrain from using your hot tub or shower at first and any other water activities.A bath is recommended but does not splash water into your face. Avoid any soap or water from entering your eyes as it carries bacteria that could cause an infection in the healing eyes.

4. Take All Prescribed Lubricating Eye Drops and Medications

As part of your post-operation plan, you will be prescribed eye drops that help to prevent infection, dryness, and inflammation. The drops aid the healing process and ensure the best results.

Use them exactly as directed by your doctor. Not taking them could lead to serious complications or delayed healing after the procedure.

5. Keep All Follow-Up Appointments

Keeping all your scheduled appointments will ensure that your eye doctor can see if everything is progressing as expected. The physician will monitor your healing process and treat any potential issues before they get out of hand.  During these visits, you can even ask any questions or discuss any unusual symptoms.

6. No Eye Makeup for At Least a Week

Avoid wearing eye makeup for at least one week following laser eye surgery. This is because makeup propagates the bacteria.

After LASIK, your eyes will be more vulnerable to infections, and putting makeup around your eyes will increase the risk of infection.

7. Wear Sunglasses

After laser eye surgery, the eyes will be sensitive to light. When you go outside, it is recommended to wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

If it’s bright in your house, you may even wear sunglasses indoors. Sunglasses can also protect the eyes from dry air and particles.

If you’re not sure about what sunglasses to wear, consult your eye doctor for recommendations.

8. Take a Break From Exercise and Other Sport Activities.

If you’re recovering from LASIK, avoid any physical pressure like lifting heavy objects or even bending over at the waist, swimming with goggles, and other sports activities. Even minor stress can cause damage to your eyes.

Stay relaxed with activities like listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or hanging out with your dog.