Sick of underarm hair? Read this!

In terms of function, hair will grow in vulnerable part of the body. Therefore, in fact, hair in different parts of body is beneficial. However, many people think that hair will cause negative effect to physical appearance and choose to remove it permanently. Hair on face and under arm is of the greatest concern to people, especially women. There are many methods which could be done at spa to remove hair permanently. However, you can get rid of underarm hair at home. This is more suitable, more natural and hence less poisonous.

Below are some natural remedies for removing underarm hair permanently to be done at home.

1.  Honey and lemon

Honey has been used to treat different types of face. The natural element is very useful in removing unnecessary underarm hair if used often. To have the mixture, you need:

3 cups of honey
3 drops of lemon
Warm water
1 towel

How to do:
Mix honey with lemon and stir stably
Apply the mixture on to the skin needed
Leave it for 15 minutes
Wash it with warm water or cleaned with warm cloth
Dry it out and repeat the home remedy for 2 or 3 times a week for a month in succession to remove hair permanently

2.  Sugar wax

This is a natural treatment to remove more hair but not permanently. Waxing at spa could cost a lot of money; this homemade wax may be much more economical for you. Some of your available ingredients below could make sugar wax effective yet inexpensive:

3 cups of sugar
Half of a cup of water
A quarter of a cup of lemon water

How to do:
Pour sugar in a pan and then pour water in
Boil the mixture until sugar melts, creating caramel brown color
Add lemon water and stir the mixture until you receive the wax combination. This takes about 20 minutes
Pour the wax out and let it be dry
Clean the skin with warm water and dry it out with cloth
Put wax on the part to the direction of hair growth with a spoon
Put a cloth or cotton ball on the wax and dip it
Remove hair to the opposite direction of hair growth. This could make it less painful
Use moisture cream on the treated skin to relieve it

3.  Potato

Another effective way to remove underarm hair is using potato. As it is a natural removing element, it is an amazing home remedy to remove unnecessary hair from your skin without any cosmetic effect. You need:

A potato and a bowl of yellow lentil
4 spoons of lemon juice and coffee
1 spoon of honey and a cloth

How to do:
Immerse the yellow lentil into water and let it soaked overnight
Apply a paste out of the yellow lentil
Add potato powder and lentil powder
Apply it onto your skin, where you want to remove the unnecessary hair
Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, and then run with fingers to remove it.

4.  Raw papaya

Raw papaya is one of the most effective home remedy to pull underarm hair out of its root. Papain, which is known as an active enzyme present in papaya could work as a way of breaking the hair follicles. Not only does it pull the unnecessary hair out of the root but it also impedes its development. Applying the same techniques, your skin will become better. You need:
1 to 2 spoons of paste raw papaya
Half tsp. of turmeric powder

How to do:

At the next stage, you mix both turmeric and paste papaya and apply it onto the skin by massaging it simply. Massaging duration is about 15 minutes
Now there is a need to wash it with water to feel the positive impact of this hairless remedy
Apply this twice a week. Because it is a natural home remedy, no side effect is expected.

About the Author: Elsie Kane is a passionate contributor at AuthorityRemedies. She is highly appreciated by her educational background in Fitness, Health and Nutrition that has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. Her passion is providing people with useful information in all aspects of health and nutrition for a better and healthy life.