Senior Health: six signs you should never ignore at all cost

Taking care of a senior is very critical. This is because, as people advance in age, they tend to retrieve growth to look more like small children. However, there are specified things that old people start to develop interests and in a while losing focus on other important things in their living.

Old people require special attention, and there are times when as a caregiver you will notice that they have started to develop changes. Depending on age, you will not an old person forgets minor things and has a low concentration on what they are doing. Others will start developing new sleeping habits while some have difficulty sleeping habits that makes them restless as a caregiver, there are six signs you should never ignore at all cost.

1.    Throbbing tooth

This happens mostly when you serve them with a cold meal. They often feel a sharp twinge or dull throb. This problem primarily is associated with a damaged tooth nerve due to cracking or rotting of the pearly white surrounding. If you ignore this, the bacteria continue to develop, and it can infect the inner nerve system right from the mouth down the entire body. Instead of taking the older adult through a hard time trying to treat an already spread problem, a simple regular cavity check is necessary. It will help eliminate the problem with minimum side effects.

2.    Sharp side pain

A sharp, consistent pain on the right side can lead to severe problems. This may be an appendicitis problem or ovarian cyst. This pain is developed when something blocks the way where the appendix empties into the colon. As the organ gets dangerously inflamed, it can cause a dangerous and terrible pain. The inflammation may even lead to the organ bursting. The ovarian cyst or twist can block the blood flow to the ovaries within few hours. If this is the case, you may be looking for a possible emergency surgery. If you ignore the on and off right side pain in an old person, the damage may become unbearable.

3.    Severe head pain

Often, the headache has been a normal problem with both old and young people. When you take long hours under direct sun heat, you are likely to feel the head pain. Another common reason for head pain is when you have excessive pressure to perform and deliver an individual task, but you don’t have the relative credentials to meet your target. This does not raise the alarm. However, if you notice extensive severe head pain, accompanied by other symptoms like a visual aura, it can be a signal for a brain aneurysm. If this is the case, then the risks of the weak spots tearing or leaking may bring a severe headache. This problem can even block the blood supply to specific tissues due to escaping blood. At such times, you should ensure that you keep the old person under immediate physician watch to make sure that the problem is regulated before it gets out of control.

4.    Excessive back pain

Most seniors face back pain. This is a problem that you will often note after extreme seating or bending. When the old person gets into activities that involve seating, bending or jumping up and down, you will not find that they are not actively engaging in the activity. Back pain problems also are attracted to an issue with the bones. If you note such issues, the appropriate thing to do is engage the person in activities such as body massage.

5.    Sudden memory loss
Old people tend to have a short concentration span. This problem gets intense when they even forget where their rooms are or what they were supposed to do within a particular time. Other old people will even not remember their name or other basic things like if they have eaten or taken a shower. The best way to help the person regain their memory is by introducing short-term activities that will keep their brain always active.

6.    Loss of appetite   

As a caregiver at Stroke rehab home, you should be able to tell when a senior within your watch does not eat. Often, loss of appetite can be associated with symptoms of being sick. However, lack of appetite can also mean the person wants a change of diet. Therefore, you should always ensure you find out the problem behind the appetite loss.
Author Bio: Edward Francis is interested in writing about health and fitness related issues. He has a deep knowledge at this field. He also recommends offering elderly care homes and retirement villages in London.

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