Picking Your Next Hair Color: Which one’s best for your skin tone?

Your hairstyle is an extension of your personality and sends messages to the world about who you are. Someone’s hair plays such a significant role in their identity that picking the optimal color for their skin tone is so critical. Because let’s just face the facts: not every hair color looks good with every skin tone. However, when you do match your skin tone with the perfect hair color for you, the results can be BREATHTAKING! This article is going to help you determine which hair color goes best with your skin tone. For a tutorial with additional information, check out this cool video.

So the reason so many people don’t pick their ideal color is because most people aren’t trained in color theory. Yes, that’s a thing, and it’s actually quite important… But alas, I am here to give you the quick rundown on color theory as it applies to selecting the best hair color for your skin tone.

What are the skin tones?

Skin tone is the specific shade of your skin. In humans, there are 4 general types.

There is the winter skin tone which can be described as cool and intense. Individuals with this tone have light and fair skin. Winter skin tones come with the most variety, but each variant has a pinkish undertone. People with winter skin tones do not tan easily. There is a lot of contrast between skin color, eye color, and hair color.  The optimal hair colors for this tone are jet black, dark brown, or platinum blonde. Individuals with one of these vivid combinations will surely shine. Colors to avoid with the winter skin tone are copper red, caramel, honey, and golden blonde. If a winter tone person has one of those colors, their best features will not be highlighted. Check below for a few celebrity examples.

Spring skin toned individuals are characterized by the warmth of their tone and having hair that is lighter than medium brown. These individuals have fair skin with either pink or yellow undertones.  These traits lead to there being little overall contrast with their look. Because of the lack of contrast and the natural warmth, ideal hair colors for these individuals are ashy brown, ashy blonde, icy blonde, or platinum blonde. Spring toned individuals should never color their hair honey blonde, golden brown, or any other color that has a golden base. Below are a few celebrity examples of this skin tone.

People with an autumn skin tone generally have warmth in their tone that can be said to “glow”, hair that is darker than medium brown, and eyes that are very earthy. These individuals have olive undertones. Additionally many individuals of this skin tone have a high level of contrast, but not as much as someone of a winter skin tone. The best hair colors for this tone are chocolate brown, golden brown, honey blonde, and rich auburn. These individuals should place a pass on the colors blue, green, violet undertones, platinum blonde, and ash brown. Below you’ll see celebrity examples of an autumn tone.

The summer skin tone is cool and people with it generally have hair lighter than medium brown. This tone is also described as being the most delicate and the coolest of all the four types. Individuals with this tone have golden skin with olive undertone. When they tan, they often look bronzed. If you have a summer tone, try the colors honey, butter platinum, champagne blonde, golden blonde, and caramel brown. Stay away from blue and green base colors, black, ashy brown, and ashy blonde. See below for summer celebrities.

And just to recap all of the tones, check out this graphic.

We hope this article has elucidated the different skin tones and helped you determine which one is yours. Now that you know your skin tone, it’s time to decide on the dye! Pick your favorite color that goes with your tone. We know you will look stunning!  You can also try different hair extensions and see how they look on you. Pure Allure Hair offers lace frontals, and extensions made from Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair.

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