What You Need to Know About Weaves

Weaves Are a Convenient Way to Change Your Hairstyle

Hair weaves are commonly worn by all types of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Weaves are a used as a convenient way to add length to the hair, change up a hairstyle, or a try a different hair color without permanently changing a person’s natural hair. In recent years, they have grown even more popular as beauty bloggers and vloggers shared hair weaving techniques online, and the internet has made it possible for people to order different types of hair extensions to create unique and beautiful styles.

What Is a Hair Weave?

A hair weave is a hair styling technique where hair extensions are added to one’s natural hair, either by sewing them onto braids, gluing them in, or attaching them with elastics or pins. The “sew-in” hair weave technique is one of the most popular hair weaving styles because it lasts for a long time and it can be worn by women with all different types of hair. Men even utilize hair weaves in their professional work, or to cover up male pattern baldness.

A sew-in weave is done by sewing the natural hair down into flat braids, called “cornrows” that serve as a base to sew wefts of hair extensions on. Weaves can also be glued onto the hair with a special type of hair glue, or they can be glued onto weaving caps to make a style of hair weave called a “quick weave.” Another easy to apply type of hair extensions are clip-on hair extensions. They can be clipped in to add length or thickness to the hair, or to add temporary bangs. Extensions can also be installed and cut to create short styles.



Benefits of Wearing a Hair Weave

Women like to wear hair weaves because they provide a way to change your hairstyle without causing any damage to the hair. For example, a woman with straight hair can wear a curly hair weave like the Brazilian Body Wave Hair and the curls will last without her having to use a curling iron on her own hair. A woman with curly hair can try a straight style without flat ironing her natural hair.

Another benefit of hair weaves is that they allow you to try different hair colors without dying your own hair. Temporary and permanent hair dyes can cause chemical damage to the hair, and the color may not come out how you’d like it to. With a hair weave, you can dye the hair weave, or buy extensions that are a different color. It’s a fun way to change hair colors temporarily.

Hair weaves can save a lot of time. It usually only takes about 2 hours to apply a hair weave, but it’s a style that can last for up to 8 weeks. This saves salon goers a lot of time. Instead of going to the salon weekly or every two weeks, the hair weave can last for up to two months. Hair weave styles are often “set” and they make it easier to get up and go with a hairstyle that is already done instead of fussing in the mirror every day.

High quality hair weave extensions are sold in wefts that can be removed from the hair, washed, and reused many times. This helps to save more money. Even though purchasing hair extensions requires an initial investment, the hair can be used again, saving money in the long run.


Many women find that giving their hair a break by using different types of weave can allow the hair to grow longer and stronger under the hair weave. This is especially helpful for women who have suffered from hair damage or hair loss, including chemotherapy patients, or women and men suffering from alopecia and other types of baldness.

Different types of people can benefit from wearing hair weaves. Women and men who want to save time and money can benefit from hair weaves. People who are creative and like to switch their hair styles often like to wear hair weaves. Professionals, including performers and people who work in environments with strict dress codes benefit from wearing hair weaves so that they can maintain a specific hair style over time. Also, people who are growing out their hair or covering hair loss can also benefit from wearing a hair weave.

High quality hair extensions used for hair weaving are generally made of 100% human hair that is unprocessed. It’s called “virgin hair.” But, for those who wish to wear non-human hair extensions, there are also high-quality synthetic hair extensions available to use for hair weaving. Synthetic hair extensions may not last as long, and they may not be as versatile, but they are still an option.

Tips and Techniques to Maintain a Weave 

Some people go to salons to get their weaves installed and maintained, but you can also install them and care for them at home. For sew-in weaves, make sure that the braids are not too tight. Lightly cleanse and shampoo the extensions before applying them and periodically while they are in, being sure to fully dry the braids underneath the hair weave. Use conditioner to keep the hair in good shape and use heat protectant to protect the hair extensions from heat-styling tools.

If you are using hair glue for the extensions, be sure that it is glue designed for extensions, so that it doesn’t damage your hair, and use bond remover to remove the extensions. Always give your hair and scalp a break between hair weaves and be sure to cleanse and condition your natural hair in between hair weave installations. If a hair weave ever feels too tight, or if the hair extensions irritate your scalp, remove the weave and see a professional stylist or a doctor to help you assess the health of your hair and scalp.


Hair Weaves are a Fun and Convenient Way to Switch Up Your Look and Style

When hair weaves are installed and cared for correctly, they can be a fun and convenient way to switch up your hair styles. Hair weaves are versatile and can help you grow out your own hair or recover from hair loss and damage. If you’re new to hair weaves, you may want to seek professional help to install one. But, with a bit of patience, you can also install and maintain a hair weave yourself and get all the benefits of having fun with different hair styles.

by Debra Johnson

Featured image: virginhairreviewed.com

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