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Along the airway, there are the large number of mucous glands which produce mucous continuously so as to moisten up the air coming into the lung and trap the foreign objects, prevent them from getting into lung. Although such mucous substances are created constantly all the day, people always swallow it into gastrointestinal system without noticing. In particular condition, when there is large amount of secretion and they are over thick or thin in nature people may sense postnasal drip. This phenomenon used to come from the cold, flu, sinusitis or allergy with certain substances.  It also may be the result of muscle disorder when the throat muscles cannot swallow properly leading to accumulate of mucous on the throat. Postnasal drip lasts for the long time may cause some irritable conditions for the patients. Firstly they are prone to be sore throat and triggered to cough. Secondly, they may be contracted with sinus infection due to the trapped mucous becoming the favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria. Last but not least, for those who suffer from this condition must feel very frustrated as always feel sense of swelling tonsils and have to swallow more continuously than normal.



The specific attention should be paid for treatment of postnasal drip since the treatment is varied between patients. The crucial point is that the physician should figure out the main reason which causes this phenomenon. For instance, postnasal drip is a result of cold and flu may not respond to antibiotics as it is induced by virus. Allergy however requires stark different prescription when the antihistamines and corticoid spray is a treatment of choice. Although the precise treatment for this condition depends your doctors, there are some kind of home-made remedies which may be helpful in reducing the symptoms as well as shorten up the course of illness.

1.    Salt water
One of the most irritable things about the postnasal drip is the thick mucus accumulated at the throat. Gargling with diluted salt water can dissolve the mucus and help patient push it out more easily. Furthermore, salt water can help in flushing out the irritants along the air passage and have slight disinfection property. One should dilute one tablespoon of salt water into a cup of warm water, stir it until the salt being dissolved totally. Then use this solution to wash your mouth and throat twice or three times per day.
2.    Steam inhalation
Inhale steam can help in control the excessive secretion of mucous thereby reduce both symptoms and signs of postnasal drip. Patient can also use the essential oil along with the steam to boost the inflammatory property of this method. This is very easy and convenient home remedy. All things you have to do is preparing the bowl of boiling water, then put some drop of essential oil into before covering your face with a towel and deeply breathe in the steam from the bowl. You can do it toe or three times per day until your condition is improved.
3.    Garlic
Garlic has long been used as a spicy in many cultures around the world and it must be one of the most easy-to-find home remedy in refrigerator of any families. It contains substantial amount of anti-inflammatory substance and has natural antibiotic property. Therefore, garlic can control the mucus production and decrease the symptoms induced by clogged mucus. It also tackles the cause of this condition in case the bacteria are the offenders. There are numerous ways to use garlic at home, you can either chop some garlic cloves into small pieces and roast them with butter then drink with warm milk or just simply eat it in raw several times per day. Nowadays, the garlic supplement is also available in the market and you can easily purchase them in any drug store. However, one should consult your doctor before using supplement as it is not over the counter.
4.    Ginger
Similar garlic, ginger is also the popular spicy among the house wives in many culture and to be the preferred remedy in traditional medicine. Regarding to its function with postnasal drip patients, ginger is the natural decongestant and expectorant medicine. What’s more, it is also packed with antibacterial compound which made ginger become the treatment of choice for postnasal drip condition. As mentioned above, we can use ginger by adding it into our daily meal or drink tea made of ginger. Slice it into small piece and put into the cup of hot water, leaving it for ten minute before enjoy tea with some drop of honey for better taste. Although very spicy in nature, you also may eat it in raw with several slice per day until the condition is disappeared.
5.    Cayenne pepper
We have gone through some antibacterial remedies, cayenne pepper makes its way to this list, however due to it antihistamine property.  As previously shown up, the postnasal drip can be the result of allergy and histamine is the main chemical mediator in allergic reaction. By reducing the amount of mucus production as well as thin the mucus, cayenne pepper help blow out mucus more easily. Like the ginger, patients can either supply your meal with more cayenne pepper or drink tea made of cayenne pepper. Honey can also be used in the cayenne pepper tea for better taste.

My bio: Hannah Hall has graduated Hanoi Medical University which is the most famous university in Viet Nam. She also had the time worked as a staff  nurse in Australia and Denmark where her main responsibility was patient nutrition manage. Now, she continues to take part in a lot of research which are related directly to nutrition. Moreover, sharing knowledge and writing are her particular passion. She also works as a major contributor in a Authorityremedies.com which provides many articles in natural and home remedies.

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