Here’s Why Shaving Your Head Isn’t The Only SolutionTo Afro Hair Alopecia

Hair transplant is a definitive aesthetic correction method to treat male and female Afro-American patients who have androgenetic alopecia. A hair transplant is also a great treatment approach to manage the secondary effects of traction alopecia.

Apart from alopecia, hair loss can be caused by a medical condition, over styling or due to extreme stress.

Thin hair is often the first sign of hair loss and sometimes results in total loss of hair. The process can be sudden or gradual, leading to a series of complications for young and adult individuals.

Moreover, roughly 50% of women lose a significant amount of hair after they give birth. Hair loss is also one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy.

Although people with Afro hair may seem to have the same kind of hair texture, every individual’s condition is unique. A prior dermatological assessment is necessary to make the correct diagnosis to know individual cause for hair loss. This helps devise the right surgical treatment so the patient can consider options other than shaving.

A professional hair transplant surgeon inspects the scalp and takes the cause of hair loss into account before recommending the most effective surgical treatment.

Here are the most common types of hair transplant methods for patients undergoing alopecia.

Long Hair Follicular Unit Transplants

Popularly referred to as the FUL graft, the technique is generally chosen since the density of the donor area is often mediocre. A strip of scalp is removed without prior shaving and the donor area is closed by staples or sutures.

The scar is linear, fine and almost invisible thanks to trichophyte closure. The sampling in the middle of the back area avoids the formation of a keloid. Under a microscope, the strip is cut into small follicular units (1-3 hair).

Here are a few benefits of this technique for the patient:

  • No shaving of the donor area
  • 2000 hairs can be transplanted in just a session
  • Small cuts are hidden by long hair

Advantages for the surgeon:

  • Enhanced appreciation of the angle of the hair

Follicular Unit Extraction

The technique is recommended for patients who shave their scalp. FUE involves extracting individual hair follicles, with the help of delicate instruments. Only highly skilled professionals can operate on patients with Afro hair since the process is much easier to administer on people with straight hair. The method enables successful implant of roughly 1,000 to 2,000 hairs in just a session.

FUE transplants are beneficial for patients:

  • Who regularly shave their scalp
  • Who have excessive bald patches but have not gone completely bald

Transplantation of hair grafts is a useful treatment approach for alopecia patients with Afro hair. The treatment successfully cures most of the defects permanently.

Bottom Line

At Flyhealth, we make sure that our professional and qualified staff helps patients who are going through alopecia. If you are tired of shaving your head or thinking of how to cure male or female baldness, FlyHealth guarantees a successful treatment approachby providing all the necessary services. We will take care of you until you recover fully, so you never have to deal with any complications post-surgery.