How to get bigger boobs using massage

When considering how to get bigger boobs using massage, there are various massage techniques that are commonly used. Of the many techniques to enlarge breasts including going under the knife, massage for breast growth seems like the safest way to go about getting larger breasts. In spite of being one of the safest ways, a small percentage of women looking into breast enhancement implement massage to reach their goal.

Why should you consider breast massage?
With so many options available on how to get bigger boobs, why would any woman with small breasts want to try breast massage? While you may not find many women touting the benefits of massage for breast growth, this is simply because of a lack of awareness or wanting the easy way out such as the boob job procedure where after spending thousands of dollars, you are rolled into surgery with small breasts and a few hours later, viola, large fake breasts.

how to get bigger boobs
Breast massage for natural breast enlargement is the easiest and most cost-effective way to increase your cup size. You will not need any external help as you can do the massaging yourself although there are certainly various tools that are available on the market that claim to be able to massage your breasts for breast growth.
While you can massage your breasts with just your hands, some people usually first apply a cream or ointment (including breast growth creams, lotions and oils) to the breasts before massaging them. This gives your hands a better grip and allows you to massage the breasts smoothly. If you use a breast growth cream or oil, it can improve the results compared to just using your hands or an ordinary lotion or cream.

The requirements on how to get bigger boobs using massage is to do this every day. Sometimes twice a day but each session should not last more 10 to 15 minutes which makes it manageable.

Breast massage for natural breast enlargement does take time in order to produce any results so you need to not only be persistent but also patient. If you are looking for a magical solution or overnight success story, massage isn’t for you. You may want to start saving up for a boob job procedure.

How to get bigger boobs

Although there are many massage techniques for breast enlargement and firmness, the steps on how to get bigger boobs with massage generally are:
Start by placing three of the longer fingers over the breast. Starting from the nipple, gently push downwards, moving your fingers slowly and gently as you go along. Then, apply firm but gentle pressure. Avoid applying excessive pressure on your breasts as it would only lead to discomfort and soreness especially around the nipples.

how to get bigger boobs with massage

Follow by grabbing one breast with both hands. The best position for holding the breast is by cupping the breast. Hold the breast by using both your hands but don’t apply too much pressure or it will start to hurt. Keep holding the breast in the same manner and start kneading the breast lightly with your fingers. Do this for a few minutes and then repeat this entire process on the other breast.

After kneading, move on to twirling. You will again cup your breast with both hands and instead of kneading, you will move your hands around the breast in a clockwise motion and then anticlockwise. Do make sure that you keep a firm but a gentle grip so that the breast twirls when you move the hands. Repeat this motion at least ten times in both directions before moving on to the other breast.


Follow this by placing your palms flat out over your boobs but make sure that your fingers or any part of the hand is not covering your areola. Proceed to slide your palms downwards on the breast but be careful not to move them over your nipples. Doing this could spoil the shape of your nipples. Perform this step at least ten times as well on both breasts.
As mentioned before, if you’re interested in how to get bigger boobs naturally using various techniques including massage, you need to be patient as well as persistent.

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