Does Constipation Cause Back Pain

Constipation is a problem that affects millions of people all over the world, and more people and it is also considered as the major cause of discomfort that often results in back pain. Can Constipation Cause Back Pain? If you are trying to find an answer to this question, you will have to study this issue in a little detail. It has been observed that a majority of people who are suffering from back pain are suffering from constipation and an overburdened intestine. Therefore, if you are not defecating properly throughout the day, there is a reason to worry as you might also feel pain in the lower back.


Constipation and back pain are the major health issue with is a by product of fast life. Stress full professional life, crushed diet and junk food are considered as the major cause of constipation. But this may cause lots of other problems and suffering. This problem is increasing day by day and remarkably increases the number of advertisement of constipation relief composition. Pharmaceutical companies are doing business in corer just because people those who are suffering from constipation hide the problem and want quick relief. Million dollar question is that whether these medicines are effective or not and at the same time question arise Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?


Constipation: a necessary menace

Generally, constipation is associated with various disorders such as acid reflux, wind and loss of appetite although not many people know that it can also cause back pain. If you are suffering from lower back pain and unable to diagnose the condition for the same, you should try to find out whether you have constipation. In other words, a clear bowel will not exert much pressure on the lower back portion. However, wrong eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle can lead to constipation and back pain. A majority of people consume junk food nowadays and suffer from severe constipation and problem in the lower back region.


Back pain and constipation

Severe back pain that is caused by constipation can be of various types that become high or low according to the position in which you are lying. Generally back pain is not so troublesome when you are lying although it becomes more painful when you are suffering from constipation or when you are defecating. Back pain tends to become less with some pain relieving medications for a while; however, you will still feel pain while passing stool. This will create more pressure on the lower portion of the back, and you will feel bouts of intense pain.


Reason of Constipation At a Glance

Constipation is not a disease but a disorder of our intestine functionality. Small intestine is a part of our digestive system and the longest part of human body. Food goes through a well organised process from stomach to small intestine and absorption happens in this organ. Absorbed food directly goes to different body parts and waste materials stay back in small intestine and then push to large intestine for purge. Problem arises when this normal process hampers by any cause and blockage happens. Now question arise how can constipation cause back pain.


Relation between Constipation And back pain

Times come when these blockage cause pressure to lower back. This is a continuous process of waste production and you can’t stop this process, you automatically start feeling pain in lower back. Main reason of constipation is irregular bowel movement and in worst case if it happens for three or more days stool became hard and more difficult to pass. Once you tried for a bowel you easily strain your muscles and these strains cause lower back pain. Experts’ advice and clinical studies shows that there are no places for confusion that constipation can cause back pain.


Other Problems Of Chronic Constipation

Ten percent of people over forty year age are suffering from diverticulitis. Medical studies and clinical observation shows that hardness of stole cause swelling at the lining of the colon and comes up with weak spots and cause permanent damage. Symptom includes severe lower back pain and constipation. Low fibre diet contributing much to this problem. Start taking dietary fibre but slowly. Don’t start consuming much extra fibre because suddenly increase of fibre may cause unnecessary stomach upset. Include foods like fruit vegetables grains that are high in fibre content in daily diet.


How to Get Relief


Easiest way to get quick relief is to have a laxative dose or stool softener and most of the people follow this rule. But this is not the solution but a remedy for the time being. For permanent solution you have to be careful at the time of taking food. Try more fluid and dietary food consumption have to be increased. Can constipation cause back pain? Don’t get confused with this question but visit doctor and treat as a serious disorder. Regular use of laxative can cause permanent damage to your colon.

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