Can Natural Remedies be Effective For Bald Person?

When we look around ourselves every third person is suffering from hair loss problem irrespective of the gender, this gradual hair loss get converted into baldness. Baldness is one of the most common hair problems of this generation. It is actually a condition, in which a person has no or very less hair on the head. Its technical name is alopecia. Males and Females both are the part of this problem, though men’s ratio is still somehow greater then that of women but when we talk about the hair loss or baldness it is common between both of them.

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Causes of baldness

Baldness is mainly caused due to clogging of hair follicles, which can be caused by several reasons or a combination of various factors like: stressful lifestyle and inadequate nutrition in the diet of people, hormonal changes, aging, Heredity, lack of iron and proteins, excessive consumption and use of any product or supplement, Scalp infection, drugs intake, stress and tension, pregnancy, menopause, disease like cancer, hair styles, improper diet etc

What to do in such cases

The first and the most important step is to find out the root cause of the hair loss, trying out different methods without actually knowing where the problem lies may leave you with regressions later on. If it is because of some medical condition then you must visit a doctor for this problem, but if it is due to some other reasons like improper diet or stress then you can try some basic remedies which can be resulted into lessen the problem. Though it is not guaranteed that natural remedies would work or not but as per one survey on 6 out of 10 people things have worked. You can go for such methods which if do not do any good to you then at least don’t have any side effects like:

  • Massaging with coconut oil and castor oil – When hair gets dried hair follicles goes dormant and inactive, massaging with moisturize your hair and scalp also helps in removing infection.

  • Consume More Vitamins and proteins

  • Exercise, meditation and yoga will also help

  • Proper cleaning and use organic shampoos

  • Use of amla(gooseberry), onion, hibiscus, garlic, egg- you can add them in your diet or can use as hair mask .

  • Have proper diet which include all the essential green vegetables, fruits, vitamins, etc

  • Preventive measures- drink more water , avoid pollution etc

There are 100 of home remedies to treat the hair loss problem but will they affect or not it totally depends on the cause of the baldness. Whatever your preferred method of treatment, it is important to recognize whether you have the actual condition or if you are merely suffering from the natural progression of age. Seeing a doctor is a good way to know for sure, but from there, the choice of treatment is up to you. Fortunately, if the doctor says that you do not have Alopecia, home remedies can also help. Apart From home remedies lots of treatment available in different location like hair transplant ahmedabad.