Best Foundation Full Coverage- Useful Information You Need

You want to have perfect skin for a party, but you have some dark spots or scars. What you need is a best foundation full coverage to hide them away. I will show you the way how to choose the best foundation full coverage.

  1. I) What is foundation?[1]

Foundation is the thing you can’t miss when you do makeup. It helps to smoothen and cover the defective skin. Besides, some foundations have the functions as a moisturizer, astringent or sunscreen.

  1. Foundation coverage

Depend on the level of foundation conceal on the skin; we can divide into four types.

Firstly, the most transparent is ‘sheer’ which doesn’t hide discolorations on the skin, but it can minimize the difference tone between the blemish and the rest of the face. The sheer foundation contains 8-13% pigment.

Secondly, a light foundation can cover the small blotchiness and unevenness, but it can’t hide freckles. It comprises 13-18% pigment.

Thirdly, medium coverage consists of 18-23% pigment. It can cover freckles, blotchiness, and discolorations.

Finally, full coverage foundation has the highest cover level. It can contain from 35% up to 50% pigment. We can use it to hide scars, birthmarks, and hyper-pigmentation.

  1. Foundation types

There are many types of makeup foundations, but we can put it in three main categories: liquid foundation, powder foundation, and cream foundation.

Firstly, the easiest applying on the face is the liquid foundation which suits almost all skin types. You should use an oil-based liquid foundation if your skin is dehydrated and wrinkled. The oil-based liquid foundation is greasy and thick.

Thus, it will blend perfectly and smoothly and give moist for your skin. You shouldn’t use the oil-based products. You should rather pick up an oil-free liquid foundation or water-based liquid foundation. If you have normal or combination skin, you should choose a water-based liquid foundation.

Secondly is the cream foundation which contains oil. Because of thick texture and creamy form so that it allows a better coverage to some scars and blemish. This foundation can be as a concealer as well. Normal and dry skin more suit with this type.  Especially, this is the best suited for extra dry skin because of moisturizing properties. However, if you have oily skin, you should stay away from this foundation.

The next type is powder foundation which has two types are loose powder foundation and pressed powder foundation. Loose powder foundation is very easy to use and good for oily skin. The other one suits women with normal and oily skin.

  1. II) How to choose a best foundation full coverage?

You must know which kind of your skin to have a good choice.

If you have dry skin, a foundation has hydrating properties should be your choice. A best foundation full coverage for dry skin is NARS is a matte foundation which can often equal flat, so this foundation grants skin glow. Another one is Chantecaille future skin foundation which is made up of 60% aloe and water, so this is excellent for keeping hydration for your skin. The formula offers full coverage as well as natural botanicals to soothe your face.

Elf Moisturizing Foundation Stick is so cheap with $6. This creamy foundation mixes of many moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, avocado, and aloe so it will be smooth, soft and natural-looking coverage. It’s so easy to apply and will last all day long.

If you have oily skin which contrasts with dry skin, you need to choose powder foundation or solid foundation. Oil-free foundation from Eve Lom can be your choice. It has rice powder which is so powered to absorb excess oil. Besides, an anti-oxidant is berry flux vita will improve tone and suppleness.

One more benefit of this foundation is against sunlight with SPF 20. The other choice is from South Korea; this cushion foundation is so popular. I’m sure that this foundation will give you powdery and long-lasting coverage. Another best foundation full coverage is Charlotte Tilbury. You will get complete coverage without the heavy feeling.

If you have combination or normal skin, your face will have two different areas. Although, your nose, your forehead, your cheek may hve so much oil. Your cheek may be so dry. So how are you can get pleasure your whole face with a foundation? You should use an oil-free formula and enriching ingredients to hydrate drier areas. Here are some foundations for combination skin. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water can be your first choice. The old generation beauty balm (BB) left frustrated for a combination skin because the past formula doesn’t provide hydration for the dry area or control oil for T-shape.

But with a new primer water technology in Smashbox helps to control oil and moisturize dryness. You need to shake the product. Before you release a few drops to blend it with your fingertips. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation With Comfort Serum is also a full coverage of your bipolar skin. This type contains a serum which hydrates dry areas and maintains integrity over oilier areas. This product is a sweat-proof, heat-proof and humidity-proof formula. Moreover, it includes antioxidation and vitamin E which keep skin looking fresh about 25 hours.

If you have older skin, a lightweight foundation will be your choice because it will not sink into wrinkles and it will help your skin looks soft and moisturized. And the anti-aging foundation is perfect to hide up your age. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear all-in-1 ABC Cushion Foundation is a lightweight foundation formula you need. This can moisture and brighten the skin because of vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts. As well, mineral extracts and mineral water protect your skin from environmental stress.

I also recommend Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup for you. This weightless foundation is so amazing because you won’t have the feeling that you’re wearing makeup. One more point for this product with anti-wrinkle peptides and nourishing ingredients the same green tea.

I’m sure that you found out a best foundation full coverage for your skin and knew more about foundations.

Bio: My name is Jelly. I am a writer. I love sharing health and beauty knowledge to everyone!