Home2Office: Why you should be drinking more water

Although we are fully aware that we need to drink the around 8 glasses of water a day to look after our bodies, there’s still a surprising amount of people who do not drink any at all. Throughout the day, it’s important that we keep ourselves hydrated, whether that’s at home, work or while exercising.  This January, if you’re looking at ways to make healthier changes to your diet, we’ve put together reasons why drinking water should be top of the list, and the impact it can have on the body and mind.


Helps with weight loss

It’s been proven that water is a great way to shift excess weight as having a glass before a meal can make you feel fuller for longer.  The brain tissue is made up of around 76% of water meaning when you’ve replenished this, it will prevent you from snacking. By drinking a glass of water before bed, you’ll help your body speed up its metabolism. But, as you won’t have eaten before going asleep, it won’t have any calories to burn up and extra calories you might have.


Helps with the digestive system

One of the natural ways of cleaning the inside of the body is by drinking water.  Daily, the body attracts so many toxins so it’s important that they are essentially flushed out.  A glass of water before going to bed will provide them with the time to work, and move them along.  During the day, if you’re eating and drinking water, it will help your food be broken down into smaller sizes, allowing it to pass through the body better.  Water flushes any waste built up in the intestines making your insides cleaner and healthier!


It’ll make you look and feel great

Many people turn to expensive creams, shampoos and anti-ageing creams to keep their skin and hair looking health. Instead of spending money on this, they should just aim to drink water every day to keep them glowing with improved skin.  It’s also been proven to make people feel much better in themselves as they become much more productive because of water. It’s a great natural remedy for common day health issues such as headaches or migraines, bad breath which is reduced as the water keeps the mouth wet and stops bacteria sticking and causing a smell, and reduces fatigue.


How can I have more water in my diet?

If you’re looking at increasing your water intake, we’ve put together a couple of ideas how you can do this…


  • Morning When you first wake, have a glass of water. It’ll get your metabolism going, and replace any water that’s been lost during the night


  • Before bed Although a toilet trip might wake you up during the night, it’s a great way to keep the body hydrated for 7 hours


  • Carry water with you If you’re on the go quite a lot, take a bottle of water with you that you can sip on during the day


  • Cut back on the caffeine Instead of reaching for the coffee, pour a glass of water instead which will be better for you


  • Make it tasty We know water can be quite bland so why not give it a kick by adding lime, lemon or strawberries for a bit of flavour

Even though it’s essential to drink water each day, make sure that you never overdo it.  If you start to drink much more than the recommend amount, you may start to suffer from water intoxication which can lead to severe health problems.


This article was produced by Hannah Pennell, a Content Marketer for Home2Office.