Avoid These 4 Food to Prevent Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome is one of the concerns after weight loss surgery. The symptoms begin to show when patients deviate from their prescribed diet plan, and instead consume food laden with carbs and calories. The early symptom of dumping syndrome begins when high amount of concentrated sugar passes rapidly through the intestine. Patient’s body tries to dilute sugar concentration by absorbing fluids from body tissues, resulting in cramps, loss of blood pressure, and sometimes even lead to diarrhea. Continuing the discussion, we have listed four major food elements that you must exclude from your diet to prevent dumping syndrome. Take a look.


Avoid These 4 Food to Prevent Dumping Syndrome

1. Sweetened Fruit Juices
Artificially sweetened fruit juices and crystallized fruits are not healthy for anyone, especially for individuals who just went through a bariatrics surgery. Sweetened fruit juices have the same effect on the body as after consuming simple carbohydrates. Sweetened fruit juices are readily absorbed in the intestine and lead to stomach cramps, and dumping syndrome. You must, therefore, avoid all types of canned fruits covered in heavy syrup and artificially sweetened fruit juices. You must, therefore, opt for fresh whole fruits, and freshly prepared juices instead.

2. Sweet Breads and Cereals

After SIPS weight loss surgery, your body is intolerant to simple carbohydrates, because they are digested quickly in the stomach and passed on to small intestine. This sudden inflow of food into intestine requires dilution, resulting in a sharp reduction in the volume of circulating blood, and heart activity. To counter this situation, body releases serotonin, prostaglandins, and histamine, which in turn, can cause nausea, and stomach cramps. You must, therefore, avoid simple carbs including sweetbreads, sweet rolls, sweetened cereals, doughnuts, pancakes and french toast with syrup. Instead, go for foods with high fiber content such as whole grain breads, unsweetened cereals, muesli, and oats, which take long time to digest.

3. Beverages
If we go by the rule of thumb, you should avoid beverages with high sugar content including regular soft drinks, aerated sweetened drink mixes, Kool Aid, lemonade, Gatorade, or Snapple. You must also avoid soda-pop, and artificially sweetened milkshakes. Food items that have high sugar content and are stored at a very low temperature, such as frozen sweetened yogurts, chocolate milk, and icecreams should also be avoided. You can, instead, go for beverages that contain minimal or zero concentration of sugar, such as water, tea (including herbal and green tea), coffee, and diet drinks.
4. Fried Snacks
Natural vegetable oils are primarily unsaturated fats that benefit your body through consumption in limited amounts. Once they’re heated, they transform into saturated fats, which tend to accumulate in your body as body fat. You must, therefore, avoid fried and greasy snacks such as fried finger chips, cheeseburgers, doughnuts, fried fish chips, and fried potato cakes.

Wrapping Up
Diet plays a critical role in achieving your weight loss goals, after bariatric surgeries, such as SIPS and Sleeve. Having a clear understanding of what to avoid and why to avoid a specific food is sure to keep you motivated, thereby leading to effective results. Not following a strict diet plan after surgery can expose you to various post surgery complications, including dumping syndrome. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid all types of sweetened, fatty, greasy, high calorie foods and replace them with healthier options.

Patrisa Richard is a health and weight management industry professional, certified as an accredited nutritionist with a total experience of 4 years. She has represented her medical firm in many medical conferences and loves to share tips and ideas on weight loss surgery  through blogs and articles.  In her spare time she loves cooking and traveling.

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