Anti-aging tips

Supple skin that shines with confidence is just a gift that some people are born with. Or is it? Ever notice how some people (celebrities in particular) seem to age at approximately half the rate of the rest of us? Take Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and Eminem. A photo taken of any of these people this year is indistinguishable from a photo taken of them five years ago, or even ten years ago. So, what’s going on? Are they simply remembering to drink water and get enough sleep? Perhaps.

For this blog, however, we wanted to look at a couple of anti-aging tips that go a little bit further than the standard rules around eating a healthy diet and balancing work with rest. For example, you may have heard of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Could this be the key? The evidence certainly seems to suggest that HGH has anti-aging properties (see how to get a prescription for HGH from your doctor). Now, let’s look at some off-the-shelf ideas.

Fun in the sun

Show anyone an image of a wet and windy dark winter’s city night next to an image of a sun-drenched beach in the Bahamas and ask them which one they prefer, and the overwhelming response will be in favour of coconuts, palm trees, and baking hot hammocks. We all love to be out in the sun.

The sunlight encourages our skin to produce vitamin D. This, in turn, drives away negative emotions. It’s very scientific. The problem is that the sun also causes dryness of the skin. Where the skin becomes too dry, the body’s ability to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV radiation is minimised.

Before you know it, your skin looks like an old leather boot, dry, cracked, sore, and withered. The solution is simple. You need a moisturising sunscreen lotion, no lower than factor 30. This won’t solve any issues with wrinkles that are already present, but it will prevent the onset of any sun-related premature wrinkles.

Exfoliate every week

The older we get, the less and less our skin’s ability to repair and replace itself. This means that where our dead skin cells would be otherwise shed in the process of natural skin growth throughout our youth, the now aging skin has little means of pushing away the dead cells that sit atop our skin and give us the appearance of a tired old soup-skin, cracked and lacking vibrancy. Exfoliate every week to remove the issue.