9 Tips for a Super Healthy and Glowing Skin in a Month

The effect of your lifestyle is highly evident on your looks and your skin. When the skin is lifeless and fuzzy, the brightness does not appear on the face. No matter what measures you take to clean your skin, but you don’t get any results. However, it is not necessary to use expensive beauty products to keep your skin healthy and shiny. Sometimes cosmetics sold in the market give a temporary glow or lightening to our skin and after the some time, our skin goes back to what it was before.

Maintaining skin health in this polluted environment is a major task. But if you want a permanent solution for super healthy and glowing skin in a month then make these 9 tips a part of your daily routine and get results like never before


  1. Add a lot of water to your daily regimen

Water is known to be a natural purifier. It hydrates your skin cells and makes your skin look fresh and shiny. Whenever you drink less water, your skin starts to become rugged. To keep your skin healthy, try to drink 3-6 liters of water every day.

  1. Dry brushing helps:

It is less known but dry brushing is an ancient technique used to remove the dead cells. It  helps in improving your blood circulation. By brushing the dryer every day your skin starts to shine immediately.

  1. Add Exercise to your routine:

By exercising, your body remains stout and the blood circulation is good. It helps you to stay healthy, which is detected by seeing your glowing skin. Cardio exercises such as fast walking, running, or swimming maintain proper blood flow. Yoga provides flexibility to your muscles and keeps your skin tight. You can also adopt weight training exercises.

  1. Shower with cold water on a regular basis:

Do not take a bath with warm water, but if cold water does not look good to you, then first use a small amount of lukewarm water for a while and then use cold water. Hot water is harsh for your skin, and it makes your skin rigid and hard, while cold water makes your skin tight and smooth.

  1. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized:

After bathing, you must apply a lotion or a moisturizer to keep the moisture in the skin intact.  It also keeps your skin safe from dry or windy weather all day long. Use moisturizer like coconut oil, lactic lotion, shea butter, etc. to keep your skin moisturized.

  1. Using sunscreen is very important:

Due to sunlight, your skin might tan and it might affect your skin adversely. Due to excessive sunburn likelihood of skin cancer increases. Using sunscreen, protects your skin. Therefore, using sunscreen on a daily basis can be great for your  skin’s health.

  1. Use steam for a glowing skin

The method of steam for the skin is quite good. It opens the pores and removes every impurities of the skin. This makes the face glow and it looks beautiful. It also leads to better circulation of blood and also the production of hypertensive cells which provides glow.

  1. Keep a check on your diet:

If you are not getting enough nutrients then the effects appear on your skin. Eat some fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, milk products for vitamins and whole grains to bring back the brightness of your skin. It is a tried and tested formula for a healthy skin.

  1. Go Natural

You can also use homemade therapies like turmeric-saffron face pack, milk-cream body scrubber, rose water-sandalwood paste before bed, tomato scrubber, juice of lemon in the curd for face, etc. for natural care of your skin normally. It will give a natural glow and shine to your skin.

Overall, try to avoid chemicals and use natural ways to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy skin. You will see drastic effects.


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