7 Anti-aging Tips

How many times have you wished for some magic potion that could stop your body’s progressive aging and restore the youthfulness of your teens and 20s? Did we hear quite a few times? Well, you are not alone in wishing so! Indeed, many of us have craved for this often as we stepped into our strenuous 30s or matured into our practical 40s or gave a wise welcome to the middle-aged 50s! As much as we would love to turn back the tide for you, matter of fact is time and tide waits for none.

However, we do have few anti-aging tips which can certainly knock off few years from your face and keep everyone guessing about your true age. Still unsure how you can age gracefully with an exuberant soul, a sharp mind and a supple, glowing skin that show no sign of wane even after you are past your prime? Read on to find out:


  1. Walk the Years Away


Your brain, just like your body, tends to become weaker with each passing year with increasing probability of degenerative diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Regular brisk walking can prevent and delay their onset and preserve your memory for many more years to come. Walking also comes with a host of other benefits that have a therapeutic effect on your body, soul and skin. It makes your heart stronger, controls blood pressure and makes you feel good and energetic by releasing endorphins and enhancing oxygen supply to your body. Not to forget it tones your legs, tummy and buttocks and aids weight loss too! So many health benefits…surely worth embracing for a well-rounded and a fitter you!


  1. Go Gentle on Your Skin


As you age, your skin tends to lose its natural ability to retain moisture and tends to become dry easily. Opt for a gentle cleansing routine that is mild enough to keep your skin hydrated and strong enough to remove the underlying dirt and dead cells. A gentle face wash or a homemade pack is a good option. If your skin is prone to acne, you can opt for a green tea, neem or turmeric based cleansing routine that purifies your skin gently and keeps it healthy.


It is prudent to remember that your skin tends to go slow on its regeneration ability with time which leads to dead cell accumulation resulting in a dull complexion. Exfoliate once or twice a week for a brighter skin tone but don’t go overboard and scrub aggressively to peel off the layer of dead cells will you? The trick is to be gentle and mild for the natural gleam and shine. Round it up with a rich night cream and you are all set to greet a fresh-faced you in the morning.


  1. Boost the Collagen for a Firm and Taut Skin

Worried about all the fine lines that have made their way around your eyes or the sagging skin around your arms, neck and thighs? A common factor contributing to wrinkles, crow’s feet, loose skin and creaky joints is the loss of collagen as you start aging. Collagen is important for maintaining a firm and supple skin as well as promoting bone and joint health. One of the potent anti-aging tips is to consume adequate protein in the form of chicken bone broth, eggs, fish, legumes, beans, meat and milk that promote collagen formation which, in turn, keeps elasticity loss, joint disorders and osteoarthritis at bay.


  1. Challenge Your Mind with Mind Games and New Learning


You exercise daily to firm your body. How about firming your mind now? Stumped? Well, you forgot that your brain is also aging with the rest of your body, isn’t it? Infuse a breath of fresh life into your brain by exploring new hobbies and pursuing uncharted territories like going all musical with a new instrument, learning a new language or travelling to unfamiliar destinations. You end up coaxing your brain to form new memories which keeps it ticking and razor-sharp. An effective anti-aging tip for your mind is to indulge in memory games like puzzles, board games and brain teasers that stimulate your brain, improve your working memory and aid cognitive development.


  1. Enrich Your Soul with Meditation and Spiritualism


As much as it is a recent fad, there is more to meditation and spiritualism than you would have imagined. Meditation reduces stress – the silent killer that causes cell damage and makes you look older than you actually are! Meditation and Yoga are also known to have a calming effect on the soul, alleviate depression and control obsessive compulsive disorder. You become more forgiving and your purified soul radiates an inner glow that simply cannot be outmatched with any modern age cosmetic treatment or therapy!


  1. Opt for a Balanced Diet for a Sprightly You


Nothing can undermine the anti-aging benefits of a healthy diet on your mind, soul and body. Your metabolism has gone slow…of course, it will as you add one more candle to your cake this year! Embrace a new year with a diet rich in almonds, beans, celery, cider vinegar cinnamon, coconut oil and fish as they are great metabolism enhancers. Make friends with veggies and eats loads and loads of them. Apart from providing you with essential nutrients and proteins, vegetables are a good source of Vitamin A, E and C – all quintessential for a beautiful skin. Vitamins also help you avert chronic diseases, build strong bones and give your skin a marvelous glow by keeping it hydrated naturally. Go easy on sugar and white carbohydrates as they accelerate aging by breaking down the glucose. It is wise to make lifestyle changes and reduce consumption of alcohol which can dehydrate your skin and make it look dry and parched. Lastly, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and invigorated throughout the day.


  1. Compliment Your Diet with the Curative Properties of Supplements


Supplements are a great way to add that extra zing to your overall health as your body starts losing its natural defence mechanism with onset of aging. Ward off early signs of aging like brown spots and wrinkled, patchy skin with Vitamin C and E supplements that can do wonders to restore the dewiness of your skin. Excessive weight gain has often been associated with growing age. Natural supplements like Tongkat Ali extract can help you stay in shape even after you lose your metabolic steam as Tongkat Ali stabilises the unruly hormones and controls unwanted weight gain. Stay slim and young and keep turning more heads as you garner another year of wisdom in your kitty. Happy Living!