6 ways to beat the heat this summer to keep the skin nourished

Every year summer takes a toll on everyone. The heat, hot air winds, dust and harmful rays – all affect our skin in various ways. Many people indulge in routines that may or may be effective for their skin. One must indulge in skin routines according to their skin type. Summers mean cool drinks, fruits and cotton clothes that keep the heat away. The skin of the body needs to breathe in summers to avoid any inflammation or infection due to heat.

Products that suits the skin
One should use the products that are meant for summer and according to the skin type. In summer, one should opt for products that allow the skin to breathe easily. Water based moisturizers works good for normal skin types; oily and acne prone skin type people should choose products that have minerals in them. One can even opt for skin lightening creams with a good SPF to avoid any sun burns during the exposure.

Follow basics
One should always take care of one’s skin irrespective of any weather. Being in air conditioned room the whole day, and them going out during the evening may end up drying the skin. One should always do cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing and toning; this is not only applicable to the face but for the whole body. During summers, the sweat and heat can cause the bacteria to grow inside the skin pores and inflammation may lead to skin rashes and other diseases. One should do this process once a week to avoid any bacteria to grow.

Sunscreen is a must
The sunrays have become harsh and due to this, skin is becoming prone to many diseases. One should not step out of the house without applying sunscreen. The sunscreens are available in many SPF counts and one should opt for not less than 30. People with oily skins should also apply sunscreens as UV rays are harmful and damages everyone’s skin. There are many Skin Whitening products with SPF, one can use for the similar effect.

Exfoliating the skin is good
One should not only focus on exfoliating the face but also the body. In summers one may sweat profusely which can lead to bacteria accumulation in the skin. These bacteria can result in inflammation and other skin diseases. By exfoliating two-three times a week will ensure that the skin is breathing easily and one may not fear of any skin rash or disease.

Live on water
Exposure to sun may leave one thirsty and the sunrays would not only absorb the moisture from skin but that will result in decreasing the level of water from the body. One should indulge in habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water every day. One should drink water according the body’s need and not over drink it. Hydrating the body will keep the temperature of the body down and will also help to keep the skin moisturized and nourished.

Maintain hygiene

Hygiene can help one in keeping oneself healthy and glowing during summers. Taking bathe twice a week will help wash away the bacteria and one can beat the heat through it. If sweating is too much then taking a bath will keep the body temperature down and one may feel better in summers. After swimming, one should take a bath to wash-off the chlorine as it triggers the tanning of the skin. Using natural ingredients and salts will help in giving a relaxing bath and will fight off the bacteria during summers.

Summers are a great way to express oneself with bright clothes and makeup. Wear breathable clothes and should always cover with an umbrella or a scarf. Use right products that suits the weather and skin; one should keep the makeup minimal and have a healthy diet rich in vitamin C.