Everyone wants to look dynamic in outlook and doesn’t want the skin to grow dull and weary. However, pollution, lack of care, sun exposure, free radicals, lifestyle changes etc can taint the individual’s skin. Whether an individual is 20 or 30, the signs of aging can make him/her look older than he/she already is. Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness or suppleness, discolouration, lack of radiance etc are the signs of aging which steal the glow from the skin.

The youthful skin is a result of the abundance of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps in filling up spaces between skin cells to keep it hydrated. However, with sun exposure and time, skin starts to lose out on it. Without proper care and attention, skin loses its baby-like appearance and gets marred by wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. It’s about time that everyone pays attention to their skin and adopts anti-aging therapies for a youthful, radiant skin.

The natural ageing can hardly be controlled. However, we tend to suffer from premature aging that happens due to external factors like sun, tanning, UV radiation rays etc. More than 90% of the skin aging happens because of sun damage leading to roughness, age spots, discolouration, deeper wrinkles, fine lines etc.

However, the good thing is that extrinsic skin aging can be handled with anti-aging therapies.

“I can’t stress enough that the No.1 thing young adults can do to limit the signs of aging is use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF 30 or higher every single day,” says Adam Friedman, MD, director of dermatologic research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Topical application of creams may not always be enough. You might have to go for anti-aging therapies


Each anti-aging therapy is customised according to the patient’s skin, needs and intensity. It can take several sessions before the anti-aging therapies show any effect.

For instance, lymphatic drainage is a type of anti-aging therapy which works on reducing cellulite, swelling and water retention. The therapist uses a machine for removing lymph cells from the incorrect positions and moves them towards the right direction. This helps in breaking down the blockage which had caused swelling and cellulite.

Another therapy would be Vitamin IV therapies which help in supplying nutrients to the patients for reversing signs of aging. The vitamins are given in veins where there is immediate action taken.

Botox treatment is also common. It is a toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum (a bacteria). Small portions of diluted botox can induce skin tightening.

Chemical peels are non-invasive in nature. These do not prevent or slow down aging but help in treating uneven skin pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, blemishes etc. Deep peels are used for treating sun damage.

Derma fillers are Restylane, Juvederm, hyaluronic acid fillers, Radiesse, collagen etc. These are used for soft tissue augmentation which helps in correcting wrinkles.

Facelift is used for curing the sagging of skin. During this therapy, excess of fat deposits is removed, muscles supporting the face are lifted, and there is re-draping of face skin.

Microdermasion is another such treatment and it involves using crystals for removing the upper skin layer gently.


To get back elasticity and suppleness

Uneven tone, dryness, free radical congestion etc can clog the skin pores and make a person have a ruddy complexion. Even the most expensive skin creams or serums cannot replace the need for anti-aging therapies. With regular anti-aging therapies, collagen and elastin production can be triggered once again to bring back the soft texture.

To prevent skin damage owing to seasonal changes

The skin changes its texture with seasonal changes. Temperature, humidity, sun exposure can tan the skin and make the individual look dark in complexion. A hydrating anti-aging therapy in winters can restore skin moisture and a summer facial can calm the sun damaged skin.

To avoid acne or dark spots from stealing your glow.

Acne, dark spots etc tend to lower down one’s self-esteem. When it comes to anti-aging therapies, expect retinol to be present in most of them. Retinol works like an anti-acne ingredient.

To avoid putting on layers of makeup

Everyone desires to have a youthful glowing skin which shines from within. No one has time to put on layers of makeup for hiding the dark patches or ugly wrinkles. Premature skin aging can make people want to wear makeup for hiding the flaws. But with anti-aging therapies, there won’t be any reason for using them.

To deep cleanse

By take regular anti-ageing treatments, one can relax and decompress. It gives a refreshing change and break from stress. Most anti-aging treatments involve massages that help in deep relaxation and promote lymphatic drainage. It promotes circulation which gives a glow to the skin.

To detoxify the body

Some anti-aging therapies can break down toxins in the body for flushing them out. This detoxifies the overall body and makes the individual look and feel younger.

To fight pollution effects

Pollution and UV rays are responsible for free radicals which damage cells and age your skin. Anti-ageing therapies are rich in anti-oxidants which fight these ill effects. They act as a shield.

To prevent future problems

Specialised anti-aging therapies can be futuristic. They are not focussed on only reversing the current damage. They work for even people in 20s who are looking for preventive care. They tend to assess the overall health and provide tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is better to take anti-aging therapies before it is too late.

To get better complexion and compliments

Investment in anti-aging creams and therapies can help in rapid cell turnover and building elasticity. This improves skin complexion and fetches various compliments from the onlookers.

To make sure that age doesn’t reflect on your face

No one wants to look aged before time. Anti-aging therapies help in hiding an individual’s true age and making him/her look younger than ever.

The Bottom Line

Depending on your age, a therapy may be suggested. At a younger age, simple treatments with antioxidants and sunscreens may be good enough. As you age collagen or protein production treatments may be more beneficial.


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