10 Reasons to Avoid Using Products with Sulfates

So you think you are using the right products on your hair? You might want to check the labels first. Your favorite hair products might contain a little unnecessary ingredient: sodium laureth sulfate. When used, this cheap chemical can trigger a plethora of potential health issues.

Don’t worry, though. We are here to help and enlighten you. After this post, you should probably rush to the bathroom and start getting rid of those products you don’t need.

Why do you have to avoid products with sulfates? Here are some reasons:

1. Sodium laureth sulfate is toxic to the body.

Unfortunately, sodium laureth sulfate is not only present in mouthwashes, toothpastes, and soaps. They are also found in skin care products, shampoos, and conditioners. This terrifying chemical is said to sink deep into our bodies and reside in our organs, such as the liver, heart, lungs, and brain, hence resulting in organ toxicity.

That’s not all. It is also associated with hormone imbalance problems and linked to a lowered fertility rate among males and females. Now, do you think it’s still a great ingredient to use? Not at all.

2. Sodium laureth sulfate triggers skin irritation.

There are instances when sodium laureth sulfate becomes contaminated with Dioxane. When it happens, the chemical can stick to our skin. And since it is suspected as a carcinogen, it’s really not a good news.

In addition, sodium laureth sulfate itself is already believed to be toxic to organs. In fact, it has already been banned in cosmetics throughout Canada. Sad to say, for the other parts of the world, Dioxane is still widely used, especially in different cosmetic products.

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate has corrosive properties.

Among all forms of sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate is considered one of the worse. It’s not only a skin irritant, it’s also a pollutant, an herbicide, and a pesticide with corrosive properties.

Once contaminated with nitrate, it can help other chemicals to penetrate deep under the skin and go into the system. If that happens, expect health complications. Therefore, if you want to play safe, just avoid sodium lauryl sulfate.

4. Sodium lauryl sulfate is not safe for the kids.

Are there kids at your home? Then you have more reasons not to use products with sulfate. It can lead to itchiness and redness in the eyes. Worse comes to worst, it can cause poor eye development.

Do you think that is concerning enough? Well, absolutely! As early as now, get rid of products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Do not wait for any regulation or law to be passed before you take action. Health is at stake here.

5. Sulfates can cause you to look dull and sallow.

Aside from causing a multitude of health problems, another reason to avoid sulfates is that they can cause you to look very dull and sallow. Although some products use sulfate, particularly lotions and creams for the anti-aging market, skin care experts recommend avoiding them.

The best way to avoid these ingredients is to check the labels closely. While natural hair care products like shampoos and conditioners will be obviously labeled as sulfate-free, skin care products will need a closer look.

6. Sulfates can pollute the water.

The sad truth is, sulfates are toxic to fish and other living organisms in the waters. They even have the potential for bioaccumulation, a process wherein they accumulate in the bodies of aquatic creatures. This can be threatening, especially in communities that thrive and rely on the resources provided by the waters.

Even worse, sulfates can go undetected in water filters. That means it can potentially get into the water we drink. As a result, we may experience health problems.

7. Sulfates are both herbicides and pesticides.

Because of the properties of sulfates, they are commonly used to kill pests and unwanted plants. The manufacturers of these chemicals, even petitioned to have sulfates listed as approved pesticides and insecticides for organic farming.

Luckily, the petition was denied because it was found that the polluting properties of sulfates are more than the benefits they provide.

8. Sulfates emit toxic fumes, especially when heated.

Whenever products with sulfates are exposed to heat, sulfur oxides and sodium oxides are released. These chemicals won’t do any good to our health and to our body. That only means, a hot shower paired with a shampoo that contains sulfates won’t seem really nice.

9. Sulfates have corrosive properties.

According to research, sulfates have corrosive properties that, when exposed to the proteins and fats that make up our skin and muscles, complications may happen.

So again, always be careful with the products you are using. Even engine degreasers, car wash soaps, and garage floor cleaners contain sulfates. Don’t be too lax.

10. Sulfates can cause long-term permeation of the tissues in the body.

In a study conducted at the University of Georgia, it was discovered that sulfates have the power to permeate certain body parts, especially the liver, heart, brain, and the eyes. If not prevented, they can cause further complications in the body. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Get Rid of Products That Contain Sulfates ASAP

We have given you enough reasons why sulfates don’t deserve a spot at home, so we hope you are now well aware. The next time you go to the market and decide which product to buy, you should already have an idea what to get and what not.

Though there are still products that contain unknown ingredients, that should not be an excuse not to stay safe. It would be best that you study the ingredients first. If you are uncertain, do not hesitate to seek help from experts. You know health is at risk here and you have to do everything to stay in good shape.

Do not worry about having a hard time looking for sulfate-free products. There are plenty out there. Even a quick search online will give you a plethora of options. To be safe, opt for products that contain all-natural ingredients and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.



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