Yoga for an Improved Motorcycling Experience

Yoga offers a wide array of benefits: improved physical and mental health, greater peace of mind, as well as a way to attain and maintain an ideal weight. While these benefits are known mostly by all, what most people aren’t informed about is that the enhanced physical as well as mental condition achieved through yoga enables people to perform their day-to-day activities in a more efficient manner. For instance, it improves the body’s posture and flexibility and allows you to ride your bike with ease. You may not believe it this, but it’s true.

Motorcycling is an interesting sport. Though yoga and motorcycling might not correlate with each other; there are several ways in which performing yoga can improve your motorcycling experience. Some of these unheard about ways are listed below:


1) Builds muscle strength and athletic capabilities

Few asanas require you to hold your body in unfamiliar and strenuous positions. These poses are responsible for increasing the strength of the involved muscles and therefore, enabling these muscles to perform acts which would have earlier not been possible.

Motorcycling over long distances can put strain on the body, and you’re less likely to be worn out if your muscles have greater strength and potential to bear the strain.

2) Improves flexibility

Unlike driving a car, riding a bike requires immense use of the entire body. Therefore, people who are not in good physical shape have a harder time managing on bikes.

By increasing the body’s flexibility, yoga allows a biker to perform the same activity with greater ease. Flexibility will allow you to sit on the bike comfortably, as well as in stopping and turning the bike without putting strain on your body.


3) Protects your spine

Different asanas are beneficial for different parts of the body. The asanas that benefit your spine are especially important because the position in which you sit on a motorcycle puts a lot of stress on your spine.

Yoga can ensure that your spine remains protected and it reduces the chances of back pain as well as spondylitis.


4) Helps you focus

In comparison with cars- bikes provide lesser protection to their riders. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable to road accidents and mishaps.

Therefore, the most important part of riding a bike is being aware of the direction in which your vehicle is going, as well as the movement of other vehicles. Remaining aware of so many activities at the same time can often be confusing for the brain.By increasing one’s ability to focus, yoga ensures that you are always aware of your surroundings and in control of your actions, and thereby it reduces the risk of accidents.

5) Enhances the process of breathing

Biking has the potential of tiring you out, therefore by doing yoga, you can increase the capacity of the lungs which ensures a reduced respiratory rate in riders.

While lung functions are significantly improved, the main benefit coming out of this process is that the air entering your body is purified better. Since motorcycles expose your body to more pollutants than any other form of transportation, the enhancement of the process of breathing is extremely helpful to all bike riders everywhere.Most importantly, yoga improves the state of mind and enables people to better enjoy everyday mundane activities. So by practicing yoga regularly, you are bound to enjoy activities such as biking in a manner which may have not seemed possible before.

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