Understanding Chronic Fatigue And How To Fight It


Most people deal with a mountain of responsibilities every day. They work long hours in the office and still have to worry about household needs. Working parents, in particular, are constantly swamped with tasks that require their attention; they have children to raise, financial responsibilities, and some even have to look after their aging parents.

An average person’s typical lifestyle has all the ingredients for extreme exhaustion. Many are inclined to believe that fatigue is something they just need to roll with because responsibilities are not likely to change.  People may also believe it’s best to just get used to constantly feeling tired, and over time, they won’t feel it as much anymore.

According to Dr. Andrew Jamieson at Valiant Clinic in Dubai, there’s great danger in that belief. When you stop sensing fatigue and you don’t do anything to restore your strength, you place yourself in such a disadvantageous position in life.

What are the dangers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

  • Damaged cells
  • The continued feeling of being worn out
  • Diminished mental capacity
  • Depression
  • Physical strain
  • Death

If you wish to live a better quality of life for the people you love and for your own happiness, it’s imperative to beat chronic fatigue.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wellness solutions available. Even large  corporations are taking a more proactive approach toward supporting their employees’ health and wellness. Many now tap into corporate wellness programs or hire the best wellness professionals in order to assist, educate and treat employees. With these solutions, appropriate changes can be made in order to preserve good health, as well as ensure employees’ happiness at work.

Wellness specialists are constantly working to uncover the most effective treatments for chronic fatigue. They conduct different kinds of extensive research in order to provide accurate treatments for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. They have learned that the key to overcoming this health problem is the recognition of the condition (because most sufferers don’t realize how worn out they already are).

Once people acknowledge that they are indeed greatly fatigued, they can then apply the necessary changes to effectively bounce back from fatigue and stress.

What are the best and easiest changes that can help you fight chronic fatigue?

Listed below are health professionals’ tips for dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome.

1.     Get enough sleep

This is key to good overall health. Get as much sleep as possible, preferably eight consecutive hours, so your cells can regenerate. A catnap will do wonders by refreshing and re-energizing you.

2.     Organize your life.

Fatigued people tend to show higher amounts of reactive oxygen species in their blood. These species damage cells. To lower these species, it’s helpful to engage in regular activities such as eating on time, getting the same number of hours of sleep, exercising every day, and others.

So, organize your life. Don’t take on the entire load of housework yourself. Delegate responsibilities among family members so you can have the necessary “me” time to prevent reactive oxygen species from damaging your cells.

3.     Improve your diet.

Certain foods are powerful against chronic fatigue syndrome. Incorporate these into your diet to see great improvements in your fatigue level:

  • Kiwi and strawberries heal cells damaged by reactive oxygen species.
  • Broccoli and olive oil with CoQ10 also outperform reactive oxygen species.
  • Salmon and shrimp are rich in the red pigment antaxanthin, which has the same power against reactive oxygen species.
  • Pork is rich in vitamin B1.
  • Chicken breast is loaded with imidazole dipeptide that can aid recovery from fatigue; same goes for bonito and tuna.

4.     Regularly visit a wellness treatment facility

Take advantage of the technology it offers. There are various devices that can determine a person’s level of wellness and readings are quite accurate.

5.     Take vitamins and antioxidant supplements

These can boost your overall health and are crucial to addressing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Constantly feeling tired is a serious health issue you must address right away. Have yourself checked by professionals to determine which treatments can restore and maintain your well-being.


Rania Akkela is the Senior Marketing Manager at Valiant Clinic managed by Houston Methodist Global in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Having obtained an Undergraduate Degree in Media and Publishing with Marketing as well as an MA in Integrated Marketing Communications from Middlesex University in London, Rania specializes in Complete Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies, Tactical Planning and Execution, Branding and Brand Management, and Marketing Psychology, among others.

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