Treat Migraine the ancient way!

Have you ever had Migraine, if you did you would want to get rid of it today for the kind of excruciating pain it makes you go through. Pain killers give temporary relief and I am no doctor to suggest whether or not it can be cured by English medicines.

I’ve tried this remedy personally and it’s harmless if you don’t have any respiratory or Lung related medical condition.

*Caution: Please do not try if you have any respiratory condition or without consulting a doctor.*

I really did not believe when mother advised me about this but anyway tried it because I am a person who would refrain from Allopathy and also because the headaches were killing me. My condition was at a nascent stage and I had to do the aromatherapy only twice or thrice. For a more advance stage you’d need a couple of more sittings. Please do it only once a day and while you’re under the attack .

The best part is that you’ll find everything you need for this therapy right in your house. Read below for instructions or the video at the end of the page:

What’s needed?

  • Plain square paper 5″X5″ (It shouldn’t be ruled or have any any kind of ink on it. Take a bond sheet)
  • Desi ghee(melted)
  • Turmeric(preferably home ground or organic)
  • Candle and matchstick

watch video to see how it’s performed.


  • Mix a pinch of Turmeric in a teaspoon of desi ghee.
  • Apply this mixture on the plain sheet and cover it entirely.
  • Roll the sheet to make a thin tube(keep the paper diagonal and start from one corner), diameter of the tube to be 1/2cm.
  • Hold the tube in the centre.
  • Light a fire at the bottom end and let the paper burn for a few seconds before you put it off.
  • In a moment you’ll see smoke coming out of the top end, inhale this smoke.
  • Keep inhaling till you start coughing hard.

Things to remember:

  • Perform this therapy once a day.
  • Perform only when you’re under the attack.
  • Inhale deep, it’s okay if you cough.
  • Use a fresh paper and ingredients every time you do this.
  • Inhale from the nostril situated on the side of the affected area of your head.

Hope you don’t have to undergo those painful headaches, nausea and disturbed visions anymore. If you try it do let us know if it helped.

If it helped, please spread the word for a greater good!