Top Ten Face Care Tips from Our Grandmas

You might not believe it, but to find some time-resistant and useful beauty tips all you need to do is to turn to your grandma! Yes, she is the one with immense experience and knowledge of effective and natural beauty tips that you would have never thought of! Here, we present some precious beauty tips from our grandmas to help perfect your looks:

  1. Milk Baths: – This is one of the coolest and most luxurious things that can be opted for giving your skin a fresh and revitalizing looks. Taking milk bath also is a very old treatment, as even Cleopatra is popular for having pay attention to the milk bath. For a milk bath, you may soak your body for 20 minutes, and the acids available in the milk will help you exfoliate the skin and moisturize it.
  2. Maintain a Glowy Looks: – If you have a perfect natural skin glow, you may adhere to several tips and tricks. The easiest way to maintain a fresh and soft skin is to apply cucumber slices over the skin and especially on the areas creating those puffy eyes. Cucumber usually softens the skin and works well on the complexion.
  3. Fighting Inflammation: – Only a few of us know that garlic plays an important role in fighting skin inflammations. Garlic contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory acids and become your friend for preventing this problem.
  4. Get away with dry skin problems: – Dry face renders very unpleasant, however, there are some natural treatments to resolve the problems related to dry skin. Application of 5-7 almonds on your face and its removal with warm water after 20 minutes will fetch you some ideal results. Omega-3 acids present in almonds helps your skin to revitalize and repair the dry areas.
  5. Treatment for pores: – The application of some potatoes slices will help you quickly unblock the pores and get rid of those imperfections. This is perhaps the simplest method that you can pick for removing the clogs on pores.
  6. For revitalizing your natural skin: – In case you have natural skin and want to revitalize it, you may go straight to a mashed papaya or pineapple for natural exfoliator. These fruits are capable of smoothening your face skin and replacing the dead cells.
  7. How to avoid skin irritation: – Skin irritation is the most common skin problem. For skin irritation, honey comes to your rescue. It doesn’t even need any kind of combination. What all you get to do is to apply a thin layer of honey on your face and rinse it off after some 10 minutes. This will moisturize and soften your skin as well as kill those blemish-causing bacteria.
  8. Lips are important: – Who doesn’t want luscious lips? If you are the one fighting against chapped lips, you may mix almond oil with coconut oil, both in equal proportions, to find exceptional results. Using products like Vaseline would be good for effective results.
  9. Honey: – Mix honey with tomato juice and apply it on your skin. This will help you maintaining the glow of the skin. The paste is perfect for the face and neck.
  10. Turmeric works: – In case you want to have shinier look, the mixture of cucumber and lemon juice with turmeric powder, will be the ideal option for you. The solution is required to be washed away with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.


About Author: 26 years of Nagmani Solanki is an SEO expert & writer from New Delhi, India and working at Reflections Clinic. He loves to write article especially on health, fitness, wellness and technology.