Top six qualities of a good massage chair

The stress of daily routine and office life can affect us both physically and psychologically. The use of massage chair is not the definitive solution, but it can help you counter stress and strengthens your body muscles. Secondly, the active use of massage chair can provide us with increased strength to keep pace with the hard activities of a fatigued life. A massage chair can be a huge investment. Therefore it is important to look for the qualities that guide both your health and budget. When it comes to getting massage chairs, each person has different requirements and a different lifestyle, so it’s important to do in-depth research of the massage chair market to ensure you get a massage chair that suits your needs. Manufacturers have constructed different models of massage chair that are affordable and can help a huge population to reap benefits of the massage chair technology.  Massage chairs provide the healing comfort that your body needs without the high price tag of regular professional massages. The top six qualities of a massage chair can be enlisted as follows:

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Make sure the product has a good warranty:
A good quality chair is based on a good warranty principle. In the case of breakdown of the technology, you can get the cost back by issuing the warranty card of the product. It is advisable to find out how long the warranty last and whether it is the product over all or just its specific parts. A standard warranty should cover both parts and labor. And finally, if you are seriously considering getting a massage chair, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor or physician first. Make sure there are no restrictions on the type or duration of massage you can get.

Right massage chair at the right price:
Massage chairs range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. But one shouldn’t solely rely on price to gauge quality. Secondly, it’s a matter of finding the right massage chair for you at the right price because not everyone needs or will use the features of higher-priced models as they do not suit or are compatible with your health conditions and ailments. In case a massage chair is out of your budget the best option is to go for a massage cushion to be kept at the work place.

A good massage chair should provide complete support:
Some massage chairs are designed specifically to address specific issues. Such chairs are open to all, and therefore it is advisable to go for those massage chairs that can address specific problems. The best quality of a good massage chair is its ability to deal with multiple issues of your body and cover your cost effectively.

Offers a variety of massage positions according to your comfort level:

The fourth major quality of a good massage chair can be stated regarding its ability to adjust accordingly to the changing individual comfort level. Most of us are in search of a chair that offers a wide range of reclining capabilities. It caters your need according to your comfort level.

Consider massage style and length choice:
In a lot of massage chairs, there is an inbuilt technology of getting and controlling the intensity of massage you want while other massage chairs can be programmed and set to run for a specific period. Make sure that the massage chair has a high reclining power to get the deep tissue massage. In order to get the deep tissue massage, one have to ensure that you can put and bear maximum pressure. Unfortunately most of the massage chairs in the market only recline to 135 degrees. Most of the chiropractic doctors recommend buying a chair that reclines to almost 180 degrees. This would help you get the maximum benefit of your massage chair and will make you enjoy your massage.

A Special motor dedicated for kneading massage:

The sixth most important quality of a good massage chair can be indicated in terms of its powerful ability of kneading massage. This type of massage is considered as the most important function of a massage chair recliner and plays the major role in relaxing your tensed body muscles. It is advisable to opt for a massage chair in which there is a separate motor dedicated to the purpose of kneading massage. A separate motion will ensure provision of maximum torque from the moto to perform effectively.

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