Third Trimester Survival Strategies


The third trimester can be a really tough time for many moms-to-be. You’re probably worn out, aching all over, and impatient to meet the little baby who’s been nestled inside you for so long. This stage can be really difficult for many moms, but its crucial to stay as calm as possible and maintain a positive mindset so you can go into labour and motherhood feeling strong. Use these survival strategies to defeat the worst of the third trimester symptoms.


Third Trimester Survival


  1. Put your mind at ease. If you’re struggling with anxious thoughts about your labour and delivery, or fears around some of the symptoms you’re experiencing during this late stage of pregnancy, talking to your obstetrician in melbourne will help set your mind at ease. Write down all of your questions and worries as they come up and bring them into your appointments so you can get it all off your chest. They’ll be able to provide educated answers and help you relax.
  2. Get plenty of rest. Your body may feel fatigued and worn down during this stage. Try to remember that your body is doing an incredible amount of work right now, and it needs plenty of rest to maintain that level of energy. Avoid the urge to rush around and aim to get off your feet as frequently as possible. Learn to say no to unnecessary responsibilities and ask for help from family and friends if you need some support so you can get the rest you need.
  3. Combat heartburn. The acid reflux that plagues many women during the third trimester can really make you feel miserable. Tackle it by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day rather than packing all of your nutrients into one big meal. The more full you are, the more likely you are to experience heartburn. Avoid spicy or acidic food and speak to your doctor about pregnancy-friendly medications that could help ease the symptoms. A warm glass of milk can also be a huge help.
  4. Connect with other pregnant women. Pregnancy can be a lonely time, and it’s important to have friends you can connect with who understand how you’re feeling. Start attending childbirth preparation classes or prenatal yoga groups so you have the opportunity to connect with others at a similar stage of pregnancy as you. Don’t be afraid to vent those feelings of exhaustion and frustration to your pregnant friends – they’ll definitely know how you feel and could offer some valuable advice.
  5. Invest in a pregnancy pillow. Insomnia and general discomfort at night is common when your bump is at its biggest and those hormones are flying around your body, but a specially designed pregnancy pillow can definitely help. These pillows support your body so you can finally get comfortable and relax.
  6. Focus on feelings of excitement. Instead of dwelling on your current situation, try to focus your thoughts on the things you’re most excited about. Pick out cute outfits for your new baby to where once they arrive and throw yourself into the nesting process (when you have the energy). Decorating your baby’s room, shopping for the baby essentials, and getting prepared for childbirth can all help keep your mind off the present and give you something to look forward to.

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