Something you need to know about Gluten free

In the recent years, health and diet experts have highly recommended a gluten-free meal. For that, a lot of people are switching to this diet. So what is this meal and what does it entail?

Understanding the Non-Gluten Diet

According to nutritionists, a gluten-free nutrition is the one which doesn’t contain protein gluten. Protein gluten, on the other hand, is found in grains. For that, gluten is found in rye, barley, and wheat. Also, it can be found in triticale, which is a rye-wheat cross.

Like any proper-nutrition meal, a gluten-free meal might be challenging to follow. The reason for this is because gluten-based foods are almost everywhere; in homes and grocery stores. For that, you need to be disciplined and creative enough when preparing a gluten-free meal.

Who Is The Perfect Candidate For A Gluten-Free Meal?

Gluten-Free Meal

This unique meal is meant for weight-management, and it’s also recommended to people with celiac disease. Normally, protein gluten tends to cause the small intestine inflammation in people with the celiac disorder.

In some cases, some people may not have the celiac disease, but they might have similar symptoms if they eat a gluten-based meal. Here, a gluten-free meal would benefit the non-celiac gluten-sensitive persons.

What Does a Gluten-Free Meal Consist Of?

Yes, a gluten-free meal is one that doesn’t include grains, but some common grains are still classified under gluten-free meals. For instance, rice, sorghum, corn, soy, and millet are all considered gluten-free grains.

Other foods that are gluten-free include unprocessed nuts, seeds, and beans. Fresh eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats are also gluten-free.

If you want to prepare gluten-free meat, you must ensure that it is not marinated, batter-coated, or breaded. Typically, the meat should be fresh and without any preservatives, gluten-based grains, or additives.

Preparing a Gluten-Free Beef Tenderloin Nutrition

Gluten-Free 3


As the name suggests, beef tenderloin is simply the tender part of the meat that is cut from the loin of beef. It is also known as fillet since it doesn’t have any bone or cartilage. Other than that, beef tenderloin will go through trimming of silver skin and fat.

What is the Nutrition Content of a Beef Tenderloin?

Beef tenderloin is a high-quality meat that contains a good amount of calories and other nutrients. The trimming level of the tenderloin will determine the quality and nutrient content.

Typically, a 3-ounce beef tenderloin that is trimmed of fat entirely will have about 24g of protein. However, if an eight an inch of fat is left, the beef tenderloin will have around 15g of protein. The total calorie count of a 3-oz beef tenderloin is 273 calories.

Unfortunately, beef tenderloin can never be 100% fat-free, even when the fat is trimmed perfectly. There are fat veins in the tenderloin, which amount to around 6g in a 3-oz tenderloin piece. Suppose an eight of fat is left {not trimmed}, the total fat will increase to about 15g.

Beef tenderloin doesn’t contain fiber, sugar, or other carbohydrates. This high-quality beef also contains some vitamins like B vitamins, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, among others.

How To Prepare the Beef Tenderloin

When you want to prepare beef tenderloin, you can do it whichever way you want. However, you must ensure that you don’t include any gluten-based food. Ideally, you can prepare the beef tenderloin stew through the following method;

  • Start by coating the beef with flour {must be gluten-free}. After that, dip the beef pieces in oil and allow to brown on each side.
  • You can then add water and a gluten-free seasoning mix. Such seasoning mix can be purchased from the grocery store.
  • Allow the meat to boil in the seasoning mix and water for a while, then simmer for around 45 minutes. As you simmer it, ensure that you only stir occasionally.
  • Afterwards, add vegetables of your choice, such as carrots, broccoli, and onions. Let it simmer until the veggies and beef are soft enough. If you want a thick stew, you may add some of the gluten-free flour.

This is an example of how to prepare a gluten-free beef stew. You can eat the stew with rice or mashed potatoes.


If you decide to switch to a gluten-free diet, keep in mind that the transition will be a challenge. Even though most bread contains wheat, hence gluten-based, you can find some that are gluten-free. Ideally, talk to a dietitian to help you choose the right gluten-free diet if you are getting started.

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