Quick and Easy Way to Make Healthy Snacks

Trying to lose weight and become healthier is one of the most challenging tasks in the world, no matter how young and physically active you are. Staying away from all that delicious and sweet food you love so much is even harder, but understanding that it actually makes you fat instead of doing something good for your body can be helpful. Therefore, you need to investigate possible food choices and the way to combine them properly, as well as healthy snacks that can give you energy and keep you up and running from morning till evening. Only if you think long and hard beforehand and plan a number of things in advance – deciding when, what and how much to eat is vital – will you be able to really lose weight and achieve the looks you’ve always wanted. Finally, you should learn about food people generally consider healthy, but actually isn’t, and find nutritious replacements for it. Therefore, here are a couple of ideas that might help you achieve your goals, starting today!

Chocolate-powered banana

Everyone knows that banana is among the healthiest and most nutritious fruits out there, but many people still stay away from it when they’re on a diet, fearing it might add a few extra pounds to their weight due to its high carb level. However, keep in mind that banana pumps your system with a dose of energy and boosts your power, giving you more strength to hit the gym and work out, so it ultimately helps you lose weight. The same goes for chocolate – it’s unhealthy if you insist on eating it day after day, but, when taken in small doses, it can do wonders for your stamina and performance, so find a sustainable way to have some of it from time to time.

A great way to combine these two treats is to make chocolate-spread crackers with bananas that are super easy to make and amazing for boosting your system before hitting the gym or when feeling hungry between two meals. The way to prepare them is quite simple: just spread one tablespoon of chocolate spread on a cracker and add several slices of banana on top of it and your healthy snack is ready! It contains only about 100 calories per serving, but it’s high in protein and fiber, so it will do you good once you start lifting weights.

Baked plantain chips

Speaking of bananas, what about plantain? This fruit, also known as cooking banana or green banana, thanks to its vivid color, is full of starch and therefore frowned upon by gym enthusiasts and advocates of healthy living all over the world, but it doesn’t have to be so. If prepared properly, plantain can be one of the healthiest snacks out there, especially for those with a sweet tooth or a passion for chips. Namely, if you prepare a batch of home-made baked plantain chips instead of buying it in your local supermarket, you’ll get a much healthier alternative to your favorite potato-based snack.

Since these are baked and not fried, you need to prepare them in an oven, or, alternatively, in a pan. However, make sure it’s super-strong and that you’re using one of those powerful and reliable cooktops that can effectively replace an oven. All you need to do is slice the plantain, season it to your taste, brush with vegetable oil and bake for about ten minutes. Leave them to cool, sprinkle with salt and enjoy them with your favorite movie or while hanging out with your friends.

Be more creative

Once you’ve mastered these simple recipes, it’s time to become creative and do something a bit more complicated. Preparing snacks that are healthy instead of sticking to those processed snacks you can buy anywhere means you need to spend some time contemplating them and making sure they’re truly healthy and good for you. You can always opt for planning your snacks in advance. In order to do so, you need some help from a reliable freezer and, luckily, the new generation of Maytag freezers is a great choice to keep your snacks properly stored, so you can plan and make them any time you want.Sticking to food that wasn’t previously processed and stuffed with a bunch of unhealthy ingredients might not seem like fun to a lot of people, but it’s the only way to stay healthy and reach your fitness goals. So, being creative, exploring various ideas and trying to eat something that has less than 300 calories is the goal.

Some of the things you might want to try are also rather simple and fast to prepare, so anyone can make them in matter of minutes. Recipes like hard-boiled eggs and avocado, tuna salad wraps, creamy apple smoothies or baked zucchini chips will get you the much-needed dose of energy you require to get through the day, but also allow your body to function without being dragged back by unhealthy and fat snacks. Moreover, there’s a fair amount of fruits and vegetables in each one of these, so you can be certain that sticking to these recipes will truly get you somewhere with your dieting regime.

What to choose?

Preparing healthy snacks is all about knowing which foods and items you should and shouldn’t eat, yet things aren’t always as simple as you’d like them to be. Sure, diet coke and chips are bad for you, while eating lots of vegetables is, but about some of the other popular ingredients you can never be sure of? Basically, anything that is refined, full of sugar, oils and fat, high in calories, enhanced with artificial sweeteners and flour or processed is generally unhealthy for you and if your daily menu consists of these items, you’re never going to make visible progress with your short- and long-term goals. Unfortunately, even if you don’t eat a lot of these every single day, a small amount will still do you more harm than good.

On the other hand, some of the most helpful foods that will boost your weight-losing process are eggs, leafy greens, lean chicken meat, tuna, beans and nuts. Luckily, you can create an entire daily menu combining just these foods in a million different ways, which is important unless you want to get bored with your dieting regime too soon. In the end, you can always add more fruits and vegetables to the mix, as well as introduce whole grain products – oats and quinoa are among the most popular suggestions – to your meals and be sure you’re doing the right thing.

What to avoid?

When trying to combine several healthy food choices into one meal, you can do wrong even though your heart is in the right place. Yes, all vegetables are great and every piece of fruit has its benefits, but some of these combinations sometimes just don’t work. Adding too much yogurt to your shakes and smoothies, for instance, might not be such a good idea after all as it can shift the scales in the opposite direction and turn out to be rather unhealthy in the long run. The same goes for all those fruit-powered bagels everyone loves so much – spreading some ricotta cheese on a whole-grain bagel and adding a few sliced strawberries sounds like the best idea in the world, but eating ten such bagels can’t be good, no matter how healthy they are. Therefore, learn how to become more moderate with your snacks and you’ll surely find a way to become leaner and not be hungry in the process.

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