This is How to Heal After Being Cheated on By a Partner or Boyfriend

Cheating happens to be one of the most painful events in life. The realization that someone you held in high regard and who means the world to you can break your heart to the extent of numbness. Finding out that while you were being faithful to them, they were screwing around. When you find out your significant other cheated on you, your heart shatters!

However, despite the pain you experience, life has got to move on. Sometimes, you get to the end of the chapter and you have to close the book. So how do you deal with that kind of betrayal? How do you heal from that kind of pain?

  1. Understand that Cheating is Wrong

Your ex may justify what happens after you catch him/her. He will even bring up issues that he believed led up to him cheating trying to minimize the situation. What you need to know is that cheating is wrong and there is no excuse for cheating.

Ultimately, cheating is a choice. It doesn’t just magically happen, and neither does it JUST happen, it is choice, your partner chose to cheat. If they try to put the blame on you then you need to cut them off and just move on with your life. Even though your relationship had some challenges towards the end, it doesn’t justify the cheating.

  1. Feel the Pain

Most people tend to act like reacting to pain makes them powerless or weak. However, been cheated on hurts and you need to acknowledge the pain and allow yourself to feel it. Be angry and mad but be careful not to do anything you will regret.

Like a wound, in order to for it to heal you have to disinfect and make sure it is well covered to avoid further infection. It’s the same thing, if you want to heal from the heartbreak of heating then you have to make sure that you allow yourself to feel the pain, that way you will work towards making it stop.

  1. Do Not Rationalize With Them or Think You Can Change Them

During this process, you will shed do many tears and have some sleepless nights. You may get to a point where you want to have a dialogue with them to try and understand why they did it or try to find a way to make it work anyway and you may find yourself back in their arms.

The reality is, before someone cheats they have rationalized it already. However, there is really no good reason to cheat but they will rationalize it in their minds. No amount of arguing or discussing it will make them feel entirely bad about what they did. Even though you want to believe that they may finally see reason, they won’t!

  1. Patience

He healing process may take a while, but you need to be patient with the process. Nothing big happens overnight and getting over someone who was dear to you is a big deal. Your friends may try and convince you to move on fast or find re-bound but in all honesty, what you need to do is be patient with the process.

They say time heals, and time requires patient. It is okay to be upset from time to time, it is okay to cry, and you may feel the need to get better faster. Give it time, you will feel better. Be patient and just take it slow. Eventually, you will get over them and you will finally let go.

  1. Don’t Lose Yourself

Sometimes the pain is too much we try to soak it out. Some people start to drink more than they naturally do. Some people start to take drugs or do some extreme things as a result of heart ache. In this dynamic, people can get addicted and start to lose the person they are.

If you have fallen this much, you just need to find yourself back. If by chance you got addicted to alcohol or drugs while trying to get over what they did to you, check out this link and find the help you need. Don’t lose yourself over someone who never valued you enough, and if you have, find it in you to seek the help you need.

  1. Stop Focusing on Whether They Change

The chances of a cheating partner changing is rare. If they do they tend to apologize for hurting you. However, that doesn’t mean that you should get back with them. Do not make it your life purpose to wait and see whether they will change because really they hardly do.

If you were a great partner to them, they will miss that and they may want to keep you around. However, it is important to remember how easy it was for them to be disloyal and infidel. Always remember the bad things if you want to keep moving forward.

  1. You Will Find Better

You may feel like it will never be the same. Like you may never be able to love again. But the truth is, there is always better on the other side of wall. You deserve better than someone who took you and your love for granted. You deserve someone who will be faithful to you and someone you can trust and eventually that person will come along.

Someday, someone better will come along. There will come someone who proves to you that letting go was the best thing to do. Someone who proves to you that sometimes bad things need to happen to pave way for the finer and better things in life.

Before someone better comes along, take this time to focus on yourself. To focus on healing and finding new hobbies and trying out new things. Use this time to re-discover who you really are. Work out and get in shape. The best revenge is to be the best version of yourself. If you allow them to ruin your life by dwelling on it, you are giving them the power over you and no one should have that kind of power.