How Cycling Benefits Your Health

Cycling is an incredibly rewarding activity which carries fantastic benefits.On the one hand, with its low impact on the joints and high rate of calorie burn, cycling allows people to get(and stay)in shape like the recumbent bike, on the other hand, it also has the advantages of boosting mental health and physical health.
As for its benefits, we will introduce some of them as follows.

Firstly, cycling is one of the best choices to help with heart diseases.
More than half of the people around the world died of heart diseases, while cycling can help with heart diseases.Cycling can not only promote the blood flow through the movements of legs but also extract the blood from the vessels to the heart, in the meantime, it can also strengthen the microvessel, contributing to the “collateral circulation”.And the Strengthening of the blood vessels can prevent us from the threat of aging and keep young forever.Cycling on a regular basis can help expand the blood vessels.When people get older,their blood vessels will become more and more fragile, and the heart would degenerate, which may cause a lot of heart problems. And cycling can let you avoid to suffer all those problems.An old man, who has spent six days finishing a riding trip of 460 km said: Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen, and once there was an old man with six days to complete a 460 km bike trip. “The elderly doing three or more workouts a week can fortify the heart and make it work functionally so that it will be capable of coping with emergencies such as catching a bus or struggling.

Secondly, cycling can prevent you from high blood pressure and hardening of vessels. And sometimes cycling may be more effective than drugs.Besides, it can also prevent you from being fat and strengthen your bones.Through cycling, you can stay healthy without using drugs.

Thirdly, cycling is a way to lose weight and keep your body in shape. According to statistics, A person weighed 75 kilograms riding with the speed of 9miles per hour can reduce the weight of half a kilogram if he rides 73 miles.But to ensure the effect, he must keep riding every day.Except for losing weight, cycling can also make you look more charming for bringing you shapely muscles rather than thinness and emaciation. What’s more, appropriate exercise can create a hormone to make you cheerful and pleasant.

Lastly, cycling can make your mind clear.
With the consistent compression of blood vessels, cycling makes the blood circulation speed up and the brain intake of more oxygen, so you will breathe more fresh air, making the mind clearer.At the same time, cycling is a trip more like an “adventure” with things unexpected to explore and beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular recently, and I wish you all would like and enjoy it.

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