Coffee And Tea: How Do They Affect Your Teeth

Beware if you love to kick-start your morning with a hot cup of tea or coffee. It’s time your chucked the habit altogether for the sake of your dental health.

Why? Because, these beverages are harmful for your teeth and can cause stains ranging from mild to severe intensity. They may feel like waking you out of the slumber or energize your senses but their anti-staining and dental erosion properties are something which can’t be overlooked.

Even if you find hard to part ways with your cup of tea or coffee, why not take step to cut back on the amount you take daily. That may at least minimize the risks to some extent. You can consult the dentist to know more in this regard.

Coffee and tea can affect your teeth in various ways, including –

Tooth Staining

Don’t drink tea or coffee if you crave for pearly white teeth. These beverages are acidic in nature and you know such foods are harmful for your dental health. The tannic acid present in tea, which lend its dark color, can enter into pits or grooves on your teeth to take their natural shine off gradually. Caffeine does the same with coffee, so it’s better you stay away from them. You can however use a straw to avoid any direct contact between the teeth and drink to lessen the harm to some extent.

Enamel Erosion

The enamel on your tooth is extremely porous and tea or coffee can easily seep into it causing discoloration leading to erosion over a period of time. In fact, the sugar present in these drinks as an additive is also responsible for causing erosion and making it more susceptible to cavities. With regular use of such drinks, there will be a danger of teeth softening which might lead to dental decay. You can switch to unsweetened tea or coffee to curb the risk and maintain your dental health.

Bad breath

Discoloration of teeth is not the only harm that your regular cup of tea or coffee causes but it may also lead to bad breath! You can ask the dentist to know how both the drinks make the mouth dry or prevent saliva production in your oral cavity. Such conditions are often favorable for bacteria to grow and make the breath stink. If you don’t want your bad mouth odor to harm your chances, there is always some innovative ways to eat or drink to boost the saliva in your mouth. How about chewing sugar-free gum? Try it, and the result would be amazing for sure!

Wear & tear to teeth 

There are many ways in which your teeth may wear and tear. Age is one factor while wrong foods is another. In some cases, drinking too much of tea or coffee leads to stress wherein you get the habit of grinding teeth when in sleep. This grinding may not have any harm to your general health but it can cause wear & tear on the teeth. And when that happens on a consistent basis, there is always a chance of enamel erosion or tooth damage over a period of time. Some of other problems out of this grinding mess may include sensitive teeth and jaw straining.

Quite clearly, tea or coffee is bad for your dental health, and the earlier you stop the habit the better. Else, it may lead to a whole host of dental issues leading to tooth loss. And if that happens, you might need dental implants queens to restore all your charms and smile. So, be careful what you eat or drink, and maintain healthy teeth.

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