Benefits of drinking alkaline water

Benefits of drinking alkaline water during running and exercise


Athletes attempting to perform at their best grapple with muscle fatigue perpetually. Analysis suggests that intense exercise produces acidic surroundings inside the muscles that results in fatigue. Alkaline water has been shown to assist athletes resist acidic build up, and improve the muscle’s ability to use oxygen.

Acidic Muscles

Most athletes believe that lactic acid build up within the muscles throughout exercise is the reason for muscle fatigue. However, science isn’t fully clear concerning the connection between lactic acid and muscle fatigue. What science will understand is that in an acidic body surroundings, muscles can’t use oxygen likewise as they will in an alkaline one. Analysis suggests that muscle fatigue results once lactic acid builds up within the muscles inflicting a drop in cellular pH that impairs the muscle’s ability to use oxygen.

Loss of Performance attributable to Body acidosis

Research on the impact of body pH on athletic performance has tested exercise capability after numerous combos of low or high carbohydrate diets. High-protein acidic diets, significantly once combined with a low carbohydrate intake, were found to form acidic surroundings within the body that reduced exercise capability.

The loss of performance is believed to be caused by a rise in free fatty acids likewise as inflated concentrations of protein within the blood. This acidic environment reduces exercise capacity as a result of the body is at a low pH before exercise. An acidic surroundings means that body pH has less “distance to fall” before it reaches a degree that’s too low for athletic performance. Another downside is that the metabolic processes needed to keep up the body’s pH balance are already being taxed by the body’s acidic surroundings that the body can’t combat the fall in pH caused by the creation of lactic acid.

The alkaline Water Advantage

Efforts to boost athletic performance by raising body pH have shown very great promise. Studies show that alkaline water and an alkaline diet will raise the body’s pH balance before exercise and build an atmosphere which is more favorable for athletic performance. The advantages of pH are most apparent in serious anaerobic workouts like running and weight lifting, instead of endurance sports like long distance running. Studies recommend that this is often as a result of pH maintains the muscle’s ability to better use oxygen for longer periods of high physical demand. Athletes who alkalized their bodies before exercise have reported these benefits:

* Faster Recovery

* Greater Endurance

* Improved hydration

* More Energy

* Testimonials

Ionized alkaline water and athletic performance go along, the negative ionic charge of the water attracts positively charged lactic acid that detoxifies the muscles at a cellular level and permits performance dampening acids to be flushed out of the body quicker. Alkaline water’s higher pH levels helps the body maintains a correct pH level throughout exercise and resists the damaging effects of muscular acidosis

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