6 Ways to Reboot Your Yoga Practice

From novice to yogi, yoga is made for everyone, regardless of athletic ability. The best part of yoga, however, is that it goes beyond exercise. It connects the mind, body, and spirit for a truly holistic experience. No matter what specific practice you use, whether it be Acroyoga or Bikram, practicing yoga is a wonderful way to tap into the full body. If either your mind or body is out of whack, it’s hard to achieve your full potential in the other.

A true, dedicated yoga practice has many phases to it. Like most things in life, there will be lefts and rights, and even complete stops to how you approach it. It’s natural to get into a rut in your yoga journey, but it’s important to get yourself out of it. Learn how to reboot your mind and body with these six tips, so you can revamp your yoga practice and get your health back on track.

Slow Down and Stay SIlent

Meditation goes hand in hand with yoga, but how committed are you to that side of your practice? In order to reboot your yoga practice and by extension, your health, make sure that you know what your body needs. Bask in the stillness and silence. Your meditation can be as long or as little as you want, but stay focused long enough that you get what you need for your health.

Movement is Magic

In addition to keeping still, you may want to start exploring different types of movement again. Not in the same way that you were doing before, but in a new, exciting way. It could be as simple as perfecting different variations of your favorite poses, which can deepen your understanding of your body, or you could explore a different type of practice altogether. When you return to your traditional practice, your body will respond in an entirely different way than it did before and it will thank you for the change of pace.

Explore Things Outside of Yoga

In order to reboot your yoga practice, sometimes it’s best to set it aside for a little bit and try something new altogether. It’s the same principle as exploring movement — awaken your body by doing something different. Try running, club volleyball, or even taking hikes to get yourself out of your yoga rut. It’s important to give your body a break and get outside of your practice for a new perspective on your health.

Adopt New Eating Habits

It’s no secret that what you put in your body directly affects what comes out of it. Your eating habits are crucial to how your body feels from day to day. If you’re trying to reboot your yoga practice, maybe start by adding in more nutritious elements to your diet and removing any unnecessary sugars.

Learn to Actually Turn Off

Living in the fast-paced society of today isn’t always easy. It can be hard to unplug and actually focus on something that isn’t on a screen. To reboot yourself and your yoga practice, it’s important to be even more intentional about it once you step on a mat. If you find your mind wandering away from your practice as you’re performing it, stop, reset your mind and body, and carry on. These interruptions will be an inconvenience, but they are necessary. Eventually, they will stop and you’ll be able to better focus your mind.

Find Solace in Sound

Once you master the sound of silence, you may want to transition back into a yoga practice that’s accompanied with sound. Start with mantras and embrace the vibrations coming from within. Then, once you’re ready, add music and let yourself fall into the sounds coming into your body.
Find Your New Normal

Your yoga practice is a winding road and learning to navigate it is not only essential for your lifestyle, but also for your overall health. As you reboot your yoga practice, go beyond the mat and try to incorporate these practices into your lifestyle for a full transformation.

Author Bio:

Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer and yoga enthusiast based in Tucson, AZ. She’s been a yoga instructor for over 10 years and uses writing to reach people all around the world who have been trying to learn more about yoga. When she’s not writing or practicing, Carolyn is exploring her newest obsession, Yuni Beauty, to find natural body products created with the yoga lifestyle in mind.

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