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5 Myths of hair Transplant And their Facts

In the growing economic scenario of each country after the globalization makes the things possible and smartly adopted in which the cosmetic surgery procedure comes on the top. The procedure of hair transplant is one of the prime chapter of the cosmetic surgery as it relates to the individual look and appearance. The medical data that was based on the medical tourism in India reveals this fact that every year the number of medical tourists in India is increasing by leaps and bound.

Why are these people interested in India to get the procedure? What have we unique to offer them? It is technical assets or expertise, precision? There are many what and the answer is only one that is the best medical facilities at modest cost in India as compared to many other developed nations of the USA, the UK and Europe.

In the context of hair transplant procedure, there are many pros and cons regarding the technique of the procedure and the hair transplant itself is a question as the patients have very less information about it!

Our motto is to deliver the right information as according to the techniques and their relevance to inform the patient with all the facts and clear their doubts in order to assure about the aesthetic results of the hair transplant procedure.

There are 5 Myths of Hair Transplant Procedure that is all clarified with the relevant Facts is jotted down below:-
It is not long Lasting: It is a myth that hair transplant surgery is temporary. It is a well-known fact that the procedure of hair transplant involves the shifting of hair roots from the safe donor area to the recipient one that offers you a long lasting result. If the technique is FUT hair transplant the result will definitely of permanent hair roots as the strip excision is only done through the safe donor portion that is resistant to the effect of DHT (di-hydro Testosterone) that causes the hair loss problem because these roots are sensitive to Androgen hormone. In the case of FUE technique, there may be a probability of taking the hair roots from  the unsafe areas that are sensitive to androgen and these hair roots may fall out after a certain time. So; hair transplant is of long lasting if done through the FUT hair transplant technique.
FUE doesn’t leave any Scar: The technique of hair transplant leaves the scars whether it is a FUT or FUE. The scars can be minimized in the case of FUT surgery with the help of Trichophytic closure, but in the case of FUE surgery, it appears in many white tiny spots on the donor portion that takes 8-12 months to fade out.
One need to take medicines throughout the Life: It is not true. Once the transplantation has done, then there is no need to take the medicines as the hair roots are taken from the permanent areas of the scalp, usually the back and sides of the scalp and it is for permanent. No medication or maintenance is required on the transplanted hair, as it is not prone to the activities of DHT hormone that causes the hair loss problem.
Hair Transplant has prompted Results: No, it is not true. The transplanted hair roots take 9-12 months to regrow. Firstly, after the three months the newly transplanted hairs fall out due to the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle. The hair follicles remain inactive for the three months and after completion of this period they start their growing cycle and takes a year to regrow on the bald portion. So, you need to wait about a year to get back your natural hair as a result of the hair transplant.
Hair Transplant is a painful Procedure: No, not at all, with the application of local anaesthesia now it is 100% a painless procedure. In some good clinics, the doctor/surgeon uses the special cocktail solution, is an advanced form of local anaesthesia that keeps their effect up to 24 hours that makes a null feeling during the procedure.
Summarising all, we can say that the hair transplant procedure is an advanced chapter of the cosmetic surgery procedure with the advancement in technique, equipment and expertise that efficiently solve the baldness problem. It is a completely safe procedure if it’s done by the expert surgeon in the recognized clinic that assures you about the all aesthetic effect of the restoration procedure.
Author Bio: Prema Jha is a health blogger and her special concern on the hair transplant in Delhi cost to keep the people updated with the latest information and news.