5 Bedtime Habits Women with Great Skin Swear by

It is true that beauty sleep helps rejuvenate your skin, but the things you do before you doze off has a great impact on the texture and tone of your skin as well. Here are some of the easy pre-sleep tips following which you can achieve a youthful and much glowing skin.

So, read through and thank me later!


  1. Double Cleanse for Makeup Removal

We all use those long lasting foundations, lipsticks and mascaras today which claim to stay for about 24 hours, which they even do. It is not easy to remove such makeup in one sweep. Therefore, make sure you use a makeup removing oil for makeup removal and then cleanse it again to get rid of any tiny makeup particles left behind. Removing makeup with coconut oil is easy and good for the skin as it is organic and does not cause any reaction.


  1. Steam Your Face

Nobody has got time today to go for a proper spa and facial every week or two, but there is a way you can clean the pores just like a facial does. A simple trick is to either take a steamy shower a few minutes before you clean your face. Do not use too hot water on your facial skin, as it can burn your skin.

Another way to open your pores with steam is to microwave a wet towel for about 15 to 25 seconds and gently tap it on the skin of your face. Doing so will open the pores and remove any clogged dirt, oil or bacteria from them.


  1. Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

If the skin looks too dull or uneven, it is because of the dead skin cells that are prevailing on the skin. Skin cells fall out naturally after every 25 to 28 days but they sometimes start building up instead of getting shed and therefore, affect the smoothness of the skin. If you want to remove the dead cells, pick a cleanser that consists of alpha-hydroxy acid because it is gentler than scrubs for the skin. The acid deep cleanses the skin and sheds away the toughest dead cells. If you have acne issues, go for a cleanser that has salicylic acid in it which is great for combating pimples and keeping the oil at bay.


  1. Moisturize Your Skin Well

Moisturizing the skin is essential for keeping it free from wrinkles and maintaining its natural hydration level. Cleanse your face, apply a healing face mask and then hydrate the skin with a good quality moisturizer. You can also use overnight rejuvenating creams as they serve the purpose well too. Make sure the moisturizer is not very heavy and greasy. You can also keep the moisturizer in the refrigerator to let it cool down and applying the cool cream helps shrink the pores and soothe the inflammation.  Hydrators plump up skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and creating a smoother appearance.


  1. Don’t Let Your Face Touch the Pillow When Asleep

Sleeping on your side or tummy makes your face come in contact with the pillow. The covers may carry some dirt and germs that get transferred to the skin. Plus, the pressure on the face in one position for too long might lead to fine lines on the skin as well. Therefore, it is better to sleep on your back and make this a permanent habit to keep all these problems away.


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Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.