15 Cancer Symptoms Men Ignore

Most of the men try to stay healthy by eating well and doing exercise regularly but there are many who do not consider getting a regular check up as part of their health plan. This may result in ignoring the early signs of cancer. The warning signs of many types of cancers seem very mild so there is a big chance that you overlook them. The best way of treating cancer is to detect it at an early stage as it is easier to treat it then. Here is a list of 15 symptoms and signs of cancer that you need to know. Some of the symptoms and signs are more strongly related to cancer than the others but they are all worth knowing.


1.Problems When You Pee

As men become older many of them develop problems in peeing such as: peeing more often, especially during the night trouble in starting to pee or have a weak stream urgently wanting to pee, leaking or grabbling. The enlargement of the prostate gland usually causes these kinds of symptoms, but they can also be caused due to prostate cancer. You should see your doctor to get a definite diagnosis.  Your doctor will exam you to look for an enlarged prostate and might suggest you to take a blood test which is called PSA for prostate cancer.

2. Changes In Your Testicles

Changes in your testicles such as a lump or heaviness or any other kind of difference that you feel should never be ignored. Immediately consult your doctor. Testicular cancer can grow overnight unlike prostate cancer, which gradually grows. Your doctor will give you a physical exam to look for any problems and get your blood tests and ultrasound of your scrotum done for a thorough diagnosis.

3. Blood In Your Pee Or Stool
This sign is amongst the initial signs of cancer of kidneys, colon or bladder. If you notice any bleeding which is not normal you should see your doctor about it even if you do not have any other apparent symptoms. There is a big chance that the bleeding is not due to cancer but a smaller problem like urinary infection or hemorrhoids but it is always important that you find out what the cause is, so that it can be treated.

4. Skin Changes
If you see any kind of changes in the color, size or shape of a mole or any other spot on your skin, immediately consult a doctor. Spots on the skin that are new or seem to look different are the top signs of skin cancer. You need to get an exam done by your doctor or maybe a biopsy, in which the doctor will remove a tiny piece of tissue to test.

5. Changes In Lymph Nodes
Lymph nodes are small bean shaped glands that are found in your armpits, neck and other places. Swelling of the lymph nodes is often a sign that there is something going on in your body. Usually they get swollen when your immune system is fighting off a cold or a sore throat. But certain types of cancers can also cause changes in them. If a swelling does not get better in 2 to 4 weeks you should better get it checked.

6. Trouble Swallowing
There are people who have trouble in swallowing from time to time. But if this problem persists and your are also vomiting or losing weight then you must see your doctor to get checked for stomach or throat cancer. The doctor will do a throat exam and get a barium X-ray done. In a barium test you are given a special liquid to drink that makes your throat prominent in the X-ray.

7. Heartburn
Changes in your diet, your drinking habits and stress levels can help take care of heartburn in most of the cases. But if these changes do not help then you should see a doctor to further investigate the symptoms. Persistent heartburn which is only getting worse could be a sign of stomach or throat cancer.

8. Mouth Changes
Smoking or chewing tobacco puts you at a higher risk of mouth cancer. You should watch out for red or white patches on your lips or inside your mouth. Consult your doctor or see your dentist for further tests and treatments.

9. Weight Loss Without Trying
If you start losing weight without making changes to your diet or exercising than most probably you are suffering from stress or a thyroid problem. But if you suddenly lose 10 pounds without putting any effort in it then that is not normal. Although unintended weight loss does not always mean that you have cancer, it is one of the symptoms of pancreatic, stomach or lung cancer. See your doctor so that he can find out more with the help of blood tests and do CT or PET scans to find out details.

10. Fever
Fever is not always a bad thing it only means that your body is fighting with an infection. But if you have a fever which is not going away and does not have any explanation then it could be a sign of leukemia or other type of blood cancer. Your doctor must check your medical history and give you a physical exam to find out the cause.

11. Breast Changes
Lumps in the breast are ignored by men as breast cancer is not something they have on their radar. But among all the breast cancers one percent occur in men. However they are usually diagnosed at a much later stage. Do not take any kind of chances. If you feel a lump go to your doctor immediately and get it checked.

12. Fatigue

Many kinds of cancers cause deep tiredness which never goes away or become better no matter how much you have rested. It is not the same kind of exhaustion that you feel after a hectic week or when you have been busy with a lot of activity. If you are always fatigued and it starts to impact your daily life then talk to your doctor. He can help you in finding the cause and let you know how to treat it.

13. Cough
People who do not smoke and have a nagging cough then it is almost never that they have cancer. Most of the time it goes away after 3 to 4 weeks. But if your cough is not going away and you suffer shortness of breath or cough up blood then do not delay seeing your doctor, especially if you are a smoker. Cough is the most common sign of lung cancer. The doctor will test the mucus from your lungs to find out if there is any infection. He might also get an X-ray done to see if there is any other problem.

14. Pain
Cancer is not the cause of most of the pains or aches but if you have any for more than a month then do not just keep bearing it, go and see your doctor. Continuous pain can be a sign of cancer, especially a cancer that has spread.

15. Belly Pain And Depression
It is not very common but depression and stomach pain can be a symptom of pancreatic cancer. If you have these symptoms and this cancer runs in your family then you need to see your doctor.

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