10 Healthy Methods to Quit Smoking Completely

Smoking is one of the unhealthy habits which seriously needed to be quite off quickly or even better to avoid it. It is the root cause of various diseases like cardiac problems, cancer, anxiety and much more.

According to a survey, more than 70% of the people in the world go for direct or indirect smoking every day, which is really a serious number which should need to get reduced soon.

Science has now developed various tools and techniques which are quite helpful in quitting this habit of smoking completely. E-cigarettes have been developed which includes tobacco vape juice which provides you the feeling of tobacco smoking without burning any real time tobacco. Here, on this topic, we are going to provide you 10 healthy methods of quitting smoking quickly both through natural as well using the tools and techniques.Meditation

It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of quitting the habit of smoking. Mediation is quite effective in decreasing the level of anxiety and stress and also helps in strengthen up your brain which ultimately works for strengthening up your willpower. It provides a deep touch to your inner strength which argues with the smoking habit or various other things. It is most effective for adult smokers to get stay off the habit by keeping the stress away from them.

Get ready with carbohydrates

In most of the cases, feeling like carving a cigarette means your body is demanding carbohydrates. The fall in the level of nicotine enables you to feel like carving. You can get rid of the problem by grabbing a small sweet treat to satisfy the feeling. It will rise up the level of glucose in your blood and hence helps you in quitting the habit of smoking very easily. If we are talking about taking sweets whenever you feel like carving cigarettes, does not means that we are asking you to eat a handful of them; you can go with small hard candy or fun-size candy with low calories.

Detoxify your body

You can go for the option of detoxifying your body to get rid of the habit of smoking. The detoxification of the entire body can be done with the help of herbs and tonics but it is seriously a debatable concept up to some extent. Drinking a lot of water after few intervals of times is the best method of detoxifying your body. More you will drink water more will be the nicotine and other harmful substances present in your body get expelled out through urination.

Herbs remedy

It is another one of the easiest and most effective ways of quitting the habit of smoking. You can engulf various herbs such as, Ginger, Tulsi, and Ashwagandha which you can easily take alone or along with tea or something else. These herbs satisfy your stomach and hence cool down the feeling of carving cigarettes for some time and hence enable you to remain away from it. If the fall down of nicotine in your blood is causing insomnia in you; then you can also try valerian root or chamomile which will work as a wonderful remedy for you.


Tai Chi is one of the most ancient material arts which help in getting full fitness and relaxation in a very easy and quick way. It takes near about three months to complete the course of Tai Chi. This practice includes continuous slow, meditative movements which help in reducing your stress level and enhancing your circulation so that you could feel calm and wellbeing. It is an efficient way which has helped in quitting the habit of smoking for more than 60% of the people.

Yoga and Exercise

These are other best options which you can easily follow for quit the habit of smoking. Both Yoga, as well as exercise, helps in reducing the anxiety and stress of your body and does not allow to feel your body with the feeling of carving cigarettes.

Change your diet plan

There are certain things which enhance the taste of cigarettes much more; try to avoid these items for quitting the habit of smoking. You can replace your diet of red meat, wine and other non-vegetarian items with salads, fruits which will help in cutting the habit of feeling like carving cigarettes.


It is one of the healthiest remedies of quitting smoking completely. It works by reducing the feeling of carving which will help in raising the amount of serotonin in your body and hence lets you making your mind relaxed without lighting up the cigarettes. The quitting rate of cigarette smoking rise with the rise in the number of acupuncture treatments.

Keeps your hands busy

You should need to keep your hands always busy if you really wanted to quit the habit of smoking. If you let yourself busy in various activities such as knitting, painting, gaming and much more it will also enable your brain busy in such activities and hence enables you to get rid of the feeling of carving cigarettes for a longer time.


E-cigarettes are one of the best tools and techniques which you can efficiently use for leaving the habit of smoking. These e-cigarettes offer you the feeling of tobacco smoking through tobacco vape juice and that too without burning any tobacco in reality. The tobacco vape juice you are adding in the e-cigarettes includes different flavors along with the various amount of nicotine according to your smoking habits. You can choose the one as per your desire and go for readily reducing it along with time and then finally stopping down.

The habit of smoking should indeed be getting quitted in order to get good physical and mental health. You can go for various ideas which help in quitting this worst habit. One of the best and most effective solutions is the inhalation of tobacco vape juice through e-cigarettes which helps in leaving the habit without burning tobacco in reality.